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The 3 most classic restaurants in Mendoza

Elegant and picturesque, these three restaurants opened their doors decades ago and have become Mendoza classics.


Habits, customs and tastes are changing. Fashion is becoming more popular. And gastronomy is no exception. Half a century ago it was very difficult to imagine that, 50 years later, restaurants would offer long inns to share among diners. Or you'd have to place the order in the box and the waiter would take it to the table. These are some of the practices that have been changing over the years. However, the old school of Mendoza's gastronomy resists this change. The classics of Mendoza stand firm .

With young men who have dedicated their lives to this trade and not with university students who only seek to “make a few bucks” to bank their studies. With white tablecloths on the table, cloth napkins and the classic marriage of fork and knife in stainless steel, with the second blade rounded, of little cut. These are the three restaurants in Mendoza that maintain that tradition.


For more than 50 years, Montecatini has been recognized in Mendoza for its specialty in pasta and for being the creator of the famous “capelettis a la Caruso”. A distinctive recipe, which has managed to cross national barriers, to become an icon dish of gastronomy. Since 2013, Montecatini has won the award given by TripAdvisor to excellence. This allows, year after year, to enter the Hall of Fame, where there are only those restaurants in the world that have managed to maintain excellence in their scores.

October 14, 2017 was a very important date for Montecatini worldwide, as he managed to perform the “largest pasta tasting in the world”, on World Pasta Day, and got the first Guinness World Records of the history of Mendoza. You can visit either of its two branches in Calle General Paz or Palmares Open Mall.

The Marchigiana

In 1948, after live the war, the Nonna Fernanda arrives in Mendoza with their children and two years then create the first house. From that day until now, the same bold spirit and the same idea: that customers spend a moment nice in its restaurants. Today all the members of that family are working together and believe in generating good times by cooking and serving with

Publication Date: 09/06/2020

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