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Teenage laughter

Gen del Alma launched a wine with a rich imprint: Ji Ji Ji, which promises to stand out, as the musical theme of the same name, by Patricio Rey. Cheers!


“ Jijiji “is the seventh song from the Oktubre album by Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota, considered by many a true anthem of Argentine rock. So are the wines imagined by the winemaker Gerardo Michelini and his wife Andrea Mufatto, in their project Gen del Alma.

Gerardo says that the Gen project is his life because his family is involved; that more than a project or a company, it is life itself; and wines are a little reflection of what they are. With regard to the origin of the name of some of his creations he says he has always been very fan of Argentine music , so with the names, he seeks to reflect a idea, but in addition, a thank you to what gave them the music when they were teenagers.

“ Thus was born Jijiji, which was a song that mobilized us as rockers to the generation of the eighties. It's irreverence. Jijiji is not a cheerful laugh, it is a mischievous laugh. Then the wine we imagine is a cofermented Pinot Noir-Malbec, made with carbonic maceration. It is a vinazo, but it has no color or structure, that is irreverence”... says Gerardo Michelini.

Gen is a small place in Gualtallary, Uco Valley. With calcareous soils, high and personality search in a rugged environment, with the fragility of a poor, raw and austere soil. Personality that forges a wine that seeks to be the delicate reflection of a soil full of verses and melodies.


Ji Ji Ji is the entry into a wildworld, free of prejudice. An atypical blend 50% Pinot Noir from Tupungato Vineyard and 50% Malbec from San José from an 80-year-old vineyard, went through carbonic maceration for 40 days and then ferment.

With the corkage come the smiles and the memories of the Redondos, some stanza of the Indian and laughter by the Original label design. The joker with the ace up his sleeve is cheerful, colorful and attractive.

The wine in contact with the glass of the glass tarnish it a little. It takes 12° C to enjoy the potential of this bottle. It's very important. Jijiji should be taken fresh, accompanied by roast meats, and a blow of the refrigerator before uncork can be very good for you.

Publication Date: 10/01/2020

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