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Sweet potato or quince?

The culinary battle of Argentine still lifes is historic: sweet potato or quince? We tell you the secrets of the traditional vigilante dessert.


In Argentina, even of the smallest things we can make a real battle. Everything is to extremes: Boca or River, radicals or peronists, Soda or Los Redondos. In culinary matters, there is a historic fight: sweet potato or quince? There are fans on both sides . It happens that these two sweets are the protagonists of one of our most typical desserts: the vigilant dessert.

Who came up with putting a sweet and cheese together and serving it as a dessert is not clear. Some say that tradition comes from the north of the country, where quesillo with sweet cayote is popular. Anyway, this combination became the preferred in restaurants and Argentinestill lifes : simple, rich and cheap. What else ?

The funny thing about this dessert is its name: why is it called “vigilante”? By the police ? Of course I do. Some historians claim that the denomination originated in an inn in Palermo (Buenos Aires) at the beginning of the decade of the 20th. There, this dessert became very popular among the staff of a nearby police station. It is not clear whether it was for practicality or price. But, from then on, cheese with sweet potato or quince began to be called “vigilante dessert” (or, also, “cheese and sweet”).

If you want to prepare it at home, there's not much science. The most important thing is to choose the cheese and the sweet that you prefer, and about this is that the big controversy is generated. Fresh and sweet potato? Quince and Mar del Plata? (there are those who call this combination “Martín Fierro”) . Anyway, you just have to cut a piece of each other, put them on top of each other, and enjoy. Because there's nothing more Argentine than vigilante dessert.

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Publication Date: 27/05/2020

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