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Sweet and jam made in Patagonia

Apple jam and rosehip sweet to enjoy at breakfast and snack.

Dulce y mermelada made in Patagonia

Are you one of those people who give up tomorrow to make their own sweets and jams? Well, today we bring you a combo of preparations with recipes that come from   Patagonia   to  accompany your  breakfast  and  snacks   with these delicacies.

We will ever tell you how to make   sweet de calafate  , so that you can eat and return at some point to that land,  as the  Tehuelche   legend   . So today we're going to prepare something different.

 Jam from apples 

 The  Alto Valle del Río Negro   provides us with the best  apples   in the country. We can make this terrible jam, to suck your fingers.

In addition to apple, we need 800 grams of sugar per kilo of apple -if it is sweet apple, if it becomes acidic apple pulp, make it 850-, and the juice of one medium lemon for every kilo of fruit.

After selecting the apples, wash them with plenty of water, peel, weigh and cut into small pieces to place in a saucepan and heat the pulp until boiling. Subsequently we cook at least half an hour until the fruit softens, adding a minimum amount of water, thus prevent it from burning or sticking.

Add the lemon juice and keep boiling over high heat with the pot uncovered for two minutes.

We prepare sugar, and while continuing to heat the preparation, we add everything at once and stir strongly until it completely dissolves. Then we recover the boil and continue cooking for at least fifteen minutes on high heat, with the pot uncovered keeping the same precautions so that it does not stick or burn.

After these fifteen minutes, we begin to control the point of the jam: when we finish cooking, we remove the foam with a skimmer and begin to completely fill the clean jars, without leaving air bubbles. We quickly cover and turn the containers to pasteurize the lid, and put them in its normal position before the jam cools.

Once cold, we store in a cool, dark place, and it is ready to be savored at your next snack.

Let's enjoy!

 Rosehip Sweet 

For this recipe we need half a kilo of rose hips or rose hips, two liters of water, honey -in an amount equivalent to the sifted pulp; it can also be sugar- a teaspoon of agar agar or unflavored gelatin and vanilla essence to taste

The night before preparing the sweet, soak the rose hips in the 2 liters of water, especially if they are dry, and the next morning, we cook in that water for 30 minutes. Strain and pass through a sieve, helping yourself with the palm or a ladle to extract all the pulp.

What we sift, weigh it and, whatever the scales mark, we place that amount of   honey   or sugar in a pot with a few drops of vanilla essence. We add a teaspoon of unflavored gelatin dissolved in a little water and previously cooked pulp.

We cook on low heat until we achieve the consistency of light sweet -remember that the actual density is acquired when cooling.

Once cold, let's get cold, and you're done!

These preparations have a bonus track for lovers of sweet and  sour food . In addition to being able to spread it on bread, toast or cookies, they can be used in recipes that are a bomb.

Say those who know, that  caramelized pork ribs    with apple jam are a one-way trip. Rosehip candy is not far behind, and if you are following the dishes of   Patagonian cuisine   that  Ser Argentino  brings you periodically, you can find c ó how to prepare a   patagonian lamb leg “a la rosehip” . 

Which recipe are you the most fan of? From apple jam or rosehip candy?

Publication Date: 06/01/2021

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