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Stuffed oranges... from what?

Stuffed squash, stuffed egg, stuffed eggplants, so far we go well. But... stuffed oranges? Here we tell you the recipe.


The Cuentos en Boca group, with its project Aromas Nearby, shares this recipe. This group decided to do   a tour of the province of Córdoba   collecting recipes. So they found the most unusual and traditional ones found in the   cultural and popular heritage   of the commune of   La Paquita.   In this case, we next to them tell you the recipe for stuffed oranges and   all their secrets.   This delicacy is worth sharing with friends or family, so... get ready!


  • Oranges (preferably navel, because they are sweeter)
  • 3 eggs
  • Sugar
  • Simple Syrup
  • Corn starch

  Step by step  

First the peels are grated. A little bit, like to get the bitterness out of them. Take care that they do not lose the consistency because then you have to cut them in half, squeeze them and reserve the juice.

Helmets are given a   rinsing   , they are placed in water and given a first boil. Then the water is thrown out. And they boil again, now yes, until   tiernicen.     SecreTip:   It is important to add sugar to the water of this second boil. Beware, as for oranges to sweeten.

Meanwhile, a little syrup and cream are prepared from the filling.

  Cream for a liter of juice  

3 eggs are beaten, add the juice of the oranges and 4 large spoons of corn starch. Then it is cooked over low heat.   We have to be vigilant! :   When the preparation starts to heat, it is important to constantly stir so it does not group together. When it thickens and takes consistency, it will be   ready the filling.  

For the final assembly, the hulls of the oranges are laid out on a fountain, placed a little syrup (as spraying them) and filled with the cream. They are sprinkled again with syrup on top and, if diners look like   sweet tooth,   you can have more syrup in the fountain so that whoever wants, is served a little more.

Publication Date: 25/06/2020

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