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Strawberry jam

The author's favorite jam.

Hey, how are you? Yeah, another strawberry recipe. I can't stop passing this recipe now taking advantage of the fact that they can get them at a good price and get some jars to have during the year (and I don't know if they saw the prices of good jams today) .I am doing this 3 years ago and I promise you will love it and they will thank me for having them work. It started to be my favorite jam since I make it, it is really exquisite, with good consistency, good color and aroma. With my veterinarian Chacho we exchanged jar of strawberry jam for a jar of fig jam that he does because he has a fig tree. From now on, everyone who asks for a bottle can make it! Get to work. ingredients Strawberries (preferably ripe) a little more than 1kgSugar 750 gJuice of 1 limonptative 1: cinnamon powder 1 CDitaOptional 2: cloves 2 clings (smell please!) Procedure Remove the hair from the strawberries and wash them. Cut them into quarters or more if they are very large. Strawberries have to weigh 1 kg now, so buy a little more because between the cabito and those that we discard because they come ugly we may need a few more grams.Place the strawberries, lemon juice and sugar in a bowl or saucepan, stir and let stand in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. Juice will be obtained in this process, so do not think of adding water.Bring to low heat and add the optional ones (for my van if or if, give it a unique flavor). If they put brads, place them inside a teilite tied so at the time of removal they don't have to be looking for them for hours. Stir quite often so that it does not stick down.When the mixture has thickened a little process it so that it is smooth and without bits. Do not forget to remove the nails before. When to remove the jam from the fire? With thermometer: when it reaches 104-106ºC.Without thermometer: Place a glass dish in the freezer or freezer for 5 minutes to cool, remove, take out a tablespoon of the mixture and place it on the plate. Let it cool and pass your finger through the middle. If the groove closes, we still need to cook a little more. If the groove does not close it is already. I will make a clarification because the first time I made a jam I thought that the consistency already got it in cooking and it is not so. The real consistency will be obtained once the jam has cooled, when removing it from the heat it has to be liquid (thick but liquid) .Finally, place the hot mixture in pre-sterilized jars.If they are going to save jam for a long period vacuum seal (there are several videos on youtube showing how to do it).

Publication Date: 08/11/2018

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