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Shall we have a vermouth?

Vermouth is that appetizer that serves as an excuse to bring out topics of conversation in family gatherings. European heritage and a must santafesino.


“ Shall we have a vermouthpiece?” , says my mom when it's still about half an hour before Sunday ravioli at noon are ready. My old man brings the bottle of Gancia, a well-filled icebox, a small plate with lemon slices and a few nice little things to nibble. A beautiful Argentinian custom, deeply rooted in Santafesina families. Vermouth is a simple snack served as an aperitif before family weekend lunches.

The tradition of having a vermouth came to us Argentines by Spanish heritage. The origin of the word is vermouth, which the Galicians directly call vermouth. But, unlike us, the Spaniards use that word to refer to the drink, which is a kind of homemade white wine liqueur with herbs. That is, they also accompany it with a tapeo, but the name alludes to the drink.

Here in Santa Fe, although it came to us from our European ancestors, we turned vermouth into one of the moments of Saturday or Sunday, in this order: breakfast, vermouth, lunch, snack and dinner. Thus, the appetizer can vary between a Gancia, a Cinzano, a Campari or a fernet . We don't have that tradition of making home-made drinks. But it is the moment to sit at the table and have a snack with a drink, which does not have to be one in particular. The little bite that makes up it today varies quite depending on the possibilities and the desire to prepare it. It can take everything from vinaigrettes and rolls to a few simple package snacks. We left you a proposal of traditional vermouth, as my grandparents took.

Ingredients of the vermouth santafesino

  • Food: Lupines, salamines (fine, coarse and longaniza), chorizo colorado, Creole cheese, green and black olives.
  • Drinks: Vermouth Cinzano, American Gancia, Fernet Branca, Bitter Worker, soda, lemon (not packaged, the fruit cut)


Dispose the components of the minced in bowls or compotes distributed on the table.

  • Serve with breadbaskets.
  • The cold cuts are cut into slices. Cheese, in cubes.
  • Attach toothpicks.
  • The drink is put together by everyone, according to their taste of proportion. Leave bottles, icebox, lemon and soda siphon within everyone's reach.

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Publication Date: 16/05/2020

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By: Mercedes 18 May, 2020

Clásico de los domingos!! Tradición heredada de mis tíos abuelos sobre todo, cada vez que venían a Santa Fe preparar el vermú era exclusividad de ellos.... Qué ricos eran!!!

Por: Julio De Martini 18 May, 2020

En respuesta a Mercedes

Gracias por tus palabras Mercedes!

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