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Shaker vs spoon

When to use the shaker and when the long spoon corresponds.


When you stir or shake a cocktail, you are doing several things at the same time. < !

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First, you are putting all the ingredients together. Afterwards, you're cooling the drink with ice. Finally, you are adding a small amount of water to dilute the cocktail.

When the cocktail is shaken with the shaker, small pieces of ice fall off the cubes and make it through the colander; this allows even after removing the drink from the shaker, those small pieces will continue to melt and cool the cocktail. When stirred with a shaker, the drink is ventilated, which is essential for preparing egg cocktails; it also helps to refresh and aromatize citrus ingredients or elements.

To mix cocktails you need a mixing spoon. Common spoons do not have a handle long enough to achieve stirring all the ingredients from the bottom of the mixer glass. The mixer has a handle of approximately 25cm, thin and regularly with spiral design for better handling.

To use the spoon well: first add the ingredients, then add the ice. Place the spoon to the bottom of the glass, between the ice and the glass, and move gently in a circular manner without taking off the side of the glass. It is important that when stirring try not to push the ice too much to keep the spoon on the edge without spilling the drink.

Source: Cocktail Bar

Publication Date: 23/04/2019

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