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Semulins: sweeten the soul and brighten the heart

We tell you a story-recipe, for this autumn of cold and gray days. We make some semulins! For lovers of sweet and salty.


Sole Rebelles and Juan Maidan did an ant job collecting Cordovan recipes. In this case, it is a delight of the department of San Justo . Semulins can be eaten in many ways. But, to this couple that is part of the group Cuentos en Boca, an expert on the subject gave them the tips to make them perfect. And they let us share them for you:


You have to make semolina with milk, sugar and a little vanilla.


  1. Keep in mind that the semolina is rather hard. Low milk.
  2. Then put it in a large dish or roast and put it in the fridge. It may be a while, but it's better to do it overnight. When it gets cold, it gets harder.
  3. So, it is cut into rectangular strips and passed through the semolina again. Like a Milanese, but no egg. With nothing.
  4. Then fry them.

“ They are ideal to accompany a good steak with onions. Well, that's if you like mixing salty with sweet. It's a German idea, from my dad's family,” says Mirta in the recipe book Aromas Nearby. Meanwhile, our mouths are watered by those semulins.

Data from Colour:

Other neighbors make them in the oven. They are eaten hot or cold according to preference. There are those who avoid breading and the semulins go straight to the refrigerator with a cover of liquid caramel. In this way, it is a delicious dessert characteristic of this Cordovan pampa.

So think about how you prefer them: are you going to eat them cold or hot? Like dessert or side dish? These semulins are small family delicacies that respond to a sweet and cook tradition. The ways in which people tell recipes hide invaluable culinary secrets.

We suggest you continue reading the following notes:

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Publication Date: 20/05/2020

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