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Secrets about Cordobeses mushrooms

The Córdoba mountains are the birthplace of mushrooms and delicious native species that delight us with their shapes, flavors and colors. Of course: you have to be an expert to know how to collect them.

Secretos sobre los hongos cordobeses

 Cordoba mushrooms are an   indescribable delight.  Thousands of  varieties choose the mountain ranges and valleys  to grow. So we use them as  special ingredients in our recipes.  However, cooking with this ingredient is not for anyone. The  collection process  involves a serious recognition of each characteristic of these native beings. Because,  many times, they're toxic.  Therefore, in this note we tell you  which are the most common and easy to identify.  Those that are part of all our recipes and give the  perfect touch to all our preparations. 

As this topic requires specialist opinions, we consult the book  Aromas Nearby from the group Cuentos en Boca . The  basic guide to recipes, secrets and traditions  of Mother Nature Cordoba. Edible mushrooms in the  San Clemente and Paso de la Pampa area  are ineffable delights. They are found everywhere, as “they are born next to the stones and under plants and pine trees. They're round like a hat and they have a stick down. They grow on the ground. The kids are born near the tree and the big ones are far away. They can be eaten in a sauce. They eat in summer, on rainy or very wet days.” Possible recipes are countless: strogonoff, pickled, salads, fillings, sauces and many more can be cooked with these special f pachamama rutos. In San Clemente, for example, two varieties are commonly found.  

 One cheater and hidden 

 Pine fungus and coconut fungus -   the two richest  in the province. A taste bomb and an adventure for the heart, as finding them  requires a whole expedition.   The local bad tongues say that   the coconut fungus is “the cheat”,  as it is located far from the tree. Which makes his search even more intense and that his discovery is unexpected and happy.  This little fungus is picaron , hides among the stones and you have to look for it well to find it. The good thing is, when you find one, you find two or three or a thousand, or more! This is because they develop by many at once. Like they lived in small villages. Seeing them not only tickles your tummy and having your mouth water. It also generates artistic tenderness because, together,  they look like the home of Smurfs. In general, these rogues coconut mushrooms grow on a new moon, while no one sees them.These are ideal for red sauces.

 Other fluffy and yellow 

On the other hand,  pine mushrooms are the kings of Cordoba.  They grow in places where the thermal amplitude is a lot and have different colors that, depending on where they are born, vary.  From a yellowish orange to a brown.  The best time for expeditions in search of these delights is autumn. Although also  any post-rainy day , as long as there has been some other sunshine.With regard to the sky, these mushrooms  are friends of the moon in the crescent quarter until it reaches the full moon.   These are special  for preparing pickled.

 To let them dry 

These species can be prepared  in different recipes,  however, it is better to let them dry earlier.  The process of drying these wonders is quite simple.  In order for the operation to be successful, you need  to cut the collected mushrooms into finite slices  and leave them separate on trampolines. Ideally, they are in  the sun all day and sheltered at night. What we do have to take care of is that they do not get wet before, nor are they in much contact with humid weather. It is, more or less, the same process by which other native fruits, such as apricots, plums or apples are put to dry.  After this process,    they are ready  to cook, market or store in the cupboard and enjoy later. 

Publication Date: 16/08/2020

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