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Sbriciolata al Caffé e Ricotta (de Giallo Zafferano)

Excellent accompaniment for tea, coffee or mate.

Another Sbriciolatta? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! I love them! They are easy to make and an excellent accompaniment for tea, coffee or mate, in my case. Here I learned a new technique to do the shredding, in this case with melted butter and the egg at the end. I had my doubts with the simple filling, but it turned out to be PERFECT. I also had doubts about the 15 grams of coffee: I thought it was a lot, but it was also perfect. The aroma that comes out when baking it is ES PEC TA CU LAR; indescribable!!!! The combination of coffee and chocolate ricotta is ideal. Don't hesitate to make it, there won't be any crumbs left. Take note of the recipe. Armed: At the bottom of the mould, create a base of 2 cm of the granulated mass. Compact lightly (NOT too much); the mass will spread out and join in that lumpy way. Place the filling, spread it without reaching the edge of the mould. Cover everything with the remaining dough and as you will see, it will enter the empty space left by the filling and will make us the wall of our cake. Bake at 180ºC for 40 minutes. Pay attention to the cooking of the surface ,which may become overgolded. If so, cover it with aluminum foil. Allow to cool completely and demould. Procedure: Preheat the oven to 180ºC. Butter the mould and put some butter on it. Prepare the dough by mixing the flour, sugar, coffee, salt and baking powder. Combine the melted butter and work the dough with a wooden spoon or by hand. Add a beaten egg and the essence and continue mixing. They should obtain a crumbly, untidy mass (like a crumble). With my hand I can help myself to make a granulate of different dimensions. Reserve in the refrigerator. To prepare the filling, only the ingredients are mixed. Ingredients for a 20 cm mould: 300 g flour 0000 15g instant coffee 100g of sugar Pinch of salt a dash of vanilla essence 10g baking powder 100g melted butter 1 egg. Stuffing: 250g ricotta 50g of impalpable sugar 20g of sweet cocoa. Translated with

Publication Date: 16/07/2018

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By: claudio antonio rozas avalos 16 July, 2018

excelente,,,,!!!,,¿¿¿,has pensado en ,,,,si a pedido,,,,,puedas realizarla,,,,con tu expertise,,,,,y sin duda oblando tu labor,,,,de culinaria y esmerada repostera,,,,,producir tu propia marca,,,,??? ,,,o sea me encantaria PROBAR TU Sbriciolatta,,,encargandola,,,,y sin apuros,,,,PUES EL QUE SABE COMER ,,,,SABE ESPERAR,,,,disfrutarla al comerla,,,,y disfrutar adquirirla,,,pagarla,,,,y consumir de una ignota,,,,PERO EXITOSA REPOSTERA,,,,en la exclusividad,,,,de la reposteria de autor,,,,la suya ,,,,srta cano,,,,vale???

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