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Save with the buffalo correntino!

Buffalo meat roast is a tradition in Corrientes. The trend came to Entre Ríos and is coming down... A revolution in Argentine roasts?


The cow trembles and the traditionalists argentine steakers tremble. It's just that buffalo roast, a typical Corrientes meal, has begun to expand throughout the rest of the country, a new custom that has to be promoted with. A Buffalo Expo, the best Argentine steakhouse and a mechanical buffalo are your tools of persuasion, not counting meat.

  In the province of Corrientes it is not new to burn a couple of logs and put the grill to this unique animal   . However, there are still those who still opt for the traditional roast cow. Buffalo meat denostators have their arguments. They argue that it is hard, that the fat is smooth and that the cuts are too cheap to be of quality. On the other hand, the Buffalo grills explain that hardness is a myth. It is actually healthier and cheap, not because of lack of quality, but because of the low cost of keeping the animal. Everyone agrees that, you're the team you are, you have to try it.

  The power of the buffalo  

This curious species that seeks to revolutionize Argentine roasts has a reason that explains its unprecedented expansion.   Buffalo gains ground in the correntine fields, as a complement to bovine farming, due to its economic revenues   . The large bovido has better adaptation to difficult fields and advantages in pregnancy rates. This makes it a very tempting option for meat producers. Consequently, it is also more economical for the rotisserike in the correntino. So, even if you're in love with the beef roast, “wallet, kill galan.”

  Corrientes is the main agent promoting buffalo roast   . Expo Bufalos is the largest event that breeders of this species have in the country, organized by the Rural Society of Corrientes, in Corrientes. And, since everything is Correntino, naturally the best buffalo steakers are... enter rios. Enter us? Yeah, get us in. In a roast competition with beef bufalina, Juan Maistarrena, from Ibicuy, Entre Rios, was the winner. The assessment took into account hygiene, cooking time, laying stakes, fire and clothing. The entrerriano became one of the ambassadors of meat that best cooks. The buffalo correntino keeps going down...

Publication Date: 10/07/2020

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