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Salvadoras Herbs of Mount Cordobés

Mount Cordobés gives us food, herbs and unique experiences. To worship him and be aware of his healing herbs can save us.

hierbas del monte

  “Yuyiao”   we took mate in Cordoba. AND   “yuyear”   became a   bedside verb   of the Cordobeses. Since in e   l mount cordovan   we find an abundant variety of   herbs of all kinds   with differentiated uses. The ones that enable us to use them for thousands of issues. From medicinal uses to homemade tricks that connect us with nature.   This wise nature, with cordovan tonada,   It has a lot of secrets that we're going to figure out now. These elements that the Earth gives us were used by historical civilizations that today make up   our cultural imaginary.   For example, the Comechingones, who stayed in Mount Cordovan and used these herbs daily.

Today we realize that, almost as if we were connected with our ancestors,   we keep killing it “yuyiao”   . They tell some versions about the history of mate that it is native to the native peoples of the   jungle region of the northwest of our country.   And that, at first, was judged by the colonizers as   “unhygienic.”   But that, unintentionally, was taking a   special place   among the customs of the colonial people. So it spread throughout the entire territory, and today there is no province in Argentina where there is no   it sucks matte.  

The Tales Group in Boca, after a   thorough research,   managed to collect the various uses of   the healing yuyos of Mount Cordovan.   Whether for infusions or to add to the mate and give a touch of Cordovan.

  Grows, how it grows  

The herbs that grow on Mount Córdoba are many, only some are   easily identified   and can be consumed   to the touch.   Here are some of them:

  Yellow stick  

This is   international   , in addition to being in the   mount cordobés   is found in many places in Latin America. It grows easily and is popularly referred to as the “plant of happiness”. It also has its   ornamental use,   since its flower is very beautiful and, of course, yellow. It has an aroma and   vanilla gustito   , which makes it irresistible. It is ideal to accompany the   yerbiado.   Is   digestive and anti-colds   . Some often boil it in milk, because it gives it a unique taste.

  Horse Tail  

In   full mountain Cordovan,   the horsetail is   a classic.   It has   multiple uses   and   Careful!   If you add it to the mate, it usually causes the yerba to wash quickly. However, for its kidney benefits, since it is diuretic, it helps in case of stones. It also improves cases of rheumatitis and urinary tract infections. It's a   optimal help for bone lesions,   osteoporosis or caries, as it has a high level of potassium.


The one who takes carqueja, does not complain. This herb helps to improve digestion and fight gases. It is also good for solving liver problems. The infusion consumed after boiling in water has   a bitter taste.   Therefore, add it to mate only if you like bitter well.


Su   delicious aroma and healing properties   they make it part of any medicinal herbarium. It has anti-inflammatory properties and strengthens the hair. It is also used for the production of natural cosmetics. Infusion, it's a delight. Many often add it to   l fire of the asadito   , because it gives it a special touch and makes the smoke have a particular smell.

With this   medicine cabinet for mate   , in the mountain of Cordobés we use   each and every one of the herbs   that nature gives us. Obviously, a couple are missing.   Like the classic and Cordovan: peperine.   But we tell you those another time...

Publication Date: 11/07/2020

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