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Salchipapa, the northern fast food

Salchipapa is a dish of sausages and fries, popular in several Latin American countries, and increasingly installed in northern Argentina.


Salchipapa is a very simple food, and is popular among street meals or on the go. They are sausages cut, boiled, baked or fried and mixed with chips . If we knew the mythical “conito de papas”, this would be an evolution or a complement to that product.

It is very consumed and popular in the northern provinces such as Jujuy and Jump. In Tucumán, the salchipapa is taking its lead. Any dish that is made up of chips is usually a delicacy. Here is the very easy recipe for you to prepare your own salchipapa.



  1. Cut the potatoes into strips, thin or thick, such as wish.
  2. Fry the potatoes in a lot of oil and then Place them on absorbent paper.
  3. This is at the discretion of the cook. The first option is to bake for 20 minutes the sausages and turn them around. The second possibility is to fry them in the same oil we use. The last alternative is, directly, to cook the sausages in water.
  4. Cut the sausages and mix them in a bowl with chips.
  5. Apply the aggregates we like. It may be on the main course where all the salchipapa is or can be served small portions and each add the dressing or sauce that you like best.

You will find the salchipapa in many street food stalls or the well-known Food Truck, but if you want to prepare yours now you can do it. The recipe is a quick preparation option, very easy and with products that we can quickly find in a nearby warehouse. The good thing about these dishes is give us the possibility to use different ways of preparation. In addition to a huge possibility of combinations to accompany the classic dish and generate new sensations.

Publication Date: 26/10/2019

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