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Cinnamon Rolls (the well-known Cinnamon Rolls)

Did anyone try a Cinammon Roll yet? They can't stop doing it, it's a one-way trip.

Did anyone try a Cinnamon Roll yet? They can't stop doing it, it's a one-way trip: an amazing bomb, a super tender dough with a filling of black sugar and cinnamon covered by a spectacular glaze. It's richer than a bill. And not to mention if the recipe we're going to make is that of Osvaldo Gross's genius. Let's go to the recipe that has a couple of steps, but don't panic. Mass: Boiled potato, treaded as a puree 200 gr, milk 240 cc, butter 70 gr, salt ½ tsp. (5 gr), sugar 120 gr, fresh yeast 30 gr, wheat flour 0000 500 gr, egg 1, lemon zest 1. Filling: Butter ointment 150 gr, cinnamon 3 tbsp., black sugar 200 gr. Glaze: Butter 60 gr, sugar impalpable 200 gr, vanilla essence 1 tbsp., milk cream 60 cc. Procedure: Heat the puree with half the milk, butter, salt and sugar until the latter is dissolved. To warm at room temperature. Dissolve the yeast with the remaining milk and a little flour. Let it foam.Place the flour in crown and in the center add the yeast mixture, puree, egg and zest. Knead well until a super soft bun is formed.Add a little flour on the countertop if needed so that it does not stick.Leave in warm place until doubled in volume. Roll out the dough into a rectangular shape to a thickness of 1 cm. Filling: Spread the dough with the ointment butter. Mix cinnamon and sugar and sprinkle it on top. Roll tight (a roll should remain about 60 cm long) and cut the portions with a sharp knife (rolls of 2.50 cm wide approx each, come out about 16 rolls). Take the tip of the outer dough of the roll, stretch and pass to the base so it does not stick in cooking with sugar. Place the rolls on a butted plate, separated because they will grow and join. Leave to leaven until unit.Bake at 180ºC for 30 minutes approx. When removing, cover with glaze and return to the oven a few minutes to dry the glaze. Remove and remove from the mold before it cools down completely so that it does not stick underneath. If that happens, passing the plate through the stove and when heated will soften what hardened sugar and allow the rolls to be removed. Glaze: Mix the ointment butter, sugar impalpable, essence and cream.

Publication Date: 10/10/2018

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