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Ricotta cake and strawberries

A cake that in addition to showy is fresh, moist and irresistible with a boca of cream.

And yes, you have to take advantage of the strawberry season. That's why I'm going to pass this cake that besides showy is fresh, wet and irresistible with a bocta of cream.The consistency of the dough is such that the strawberry bits inside do not sink and also a lot of strawberries on the surface. They can sprinkle it with impalpable sugar above or paint it with a reduction of jam. Ingredients for a mold of 22 cm in diameter Strawberries, 400gFlour 0000, 200Gricotta at room temperature, 200gSugar, 150gLarge eggs, 2Melted butter (but not hot), 50g or 50cc of oilBaking powder, 10g Procedure: Grease and put butter paper and butter again to a mold of 22 cm in diameter.Beat the egg with sugar and lemon zest until it is foamy and clear.Add the butter in the form of thread while continuing to beat.Alternately, go adding tablespoons of ricotta and flour previously sifted with baking powder.Mix a short time. It will be a dense mass to which we will add half of the strawberries cut into quarters (depends on how large they are). Mix. Put the dough in the pan and put the remaining strawberries cut into halves on the dough (do not sink them) .Cook in oven at 180ºC for about 50 minutes approx.Remove from oven and let cool for at least 1 hour.It is delicious if accompanied with a coffee and a bocha of cream chantilly.

Publication Date: 18/10/2018

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