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Revolutionary ideas that change courses

Carbonic maceration, let's see what it's about.

Fuego blanco ok

Although the carbonic maceration process dates back to the 1930s, it is not frequent in Argentina - Yeah .

But let's see what this process is about. Carbonic maceration (or fermentation of whole grapes) is a technique of the vinification process. The grapes ferments with the must from the inside and the wines obtained have more fruity flavors and with less tanninscontent. These wines have good taste, but lack sufficient stability to be aged for long periods.

It can be said that it was reinvented as a winemakingprocess, as a result of a coincidence. During the transport of the grapes from the collection sites to the pressing, a winemaker came up with the idea that the way to prevent the grapes from degrading was to remove the air from them. This showed that after some time the grapes fermented giving rise to a fruity wine.

At the end of the carbonic maceration the grapes are pressed and the resulting must passes into a second fermentation, along with all the treatments characteristic of traditional vinification.

The resulting aromas are compared with aromas of cherry and strawberry. The difficulty of making this type of maceration is in the incompatibility of the forms of vintage that exist today, the automatic processes break more grapes making it impossible to apply the initial phases.

Protected by hills and rocky walls, Pedernal is an unspoilt valley, far from the rest of the productive oases of the province of St. John. Its vineyards, dating back to the 90s, are located in the foothills.

The wines obtained in the valley are intense and complex, with an exotic profile that makes them special.

Fuego Blanco is a project of the Millán family, owners in Mendoza of Bodega Los Barks. In Pedernal they have one of the highest farms, at 1600 meters, located between two rivers that define a particular microclimate, cooler than the rest. His proposal is novel both from aesthetics -typographic labels- and flavor. Ideal to taste your Syrah-Malbec (2013) vinification with carbonic elaboration process

A new wave of wines comes from the province of Cuyana. It's not about the same aromatic and loose reds that we were used to. But rather powerful and fruity wines of high altitude that, in the panorama of San Juan, are something completely new.

Publication Date: 08/08/2019

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