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Recognition of its merits

The flagship grape of a country, refers to the one that displays the best characteristics in that terroir.


The flagship grape of a country, refers to the one that displays the best characteristics in that terroir. Just as Malbec found its place in Argentina, Carmenere did it in Chile.

Carmenere is a grape variety originally planted in the Médoc region of Bordeaux, France, where it is used to produce dark red wines and is often used for blend wines with petit verdot.

He's a member of the Cabernet family. Its name comes from the French word carmine, referring to the color of the foliage before the fall of the leaf. Today it is unusual in France and the largest plantations of this variety are in Chile, where most of the wines of this strain are produced today.

In 2000, François Lurton buys 200 hectares of land in the Colchagua Valley, Chile. This area has a particularly stable climate and therefore has a low risk of disease for the vineyards. And precisely because of these geographical factors, they decided to test the conversion to biodynamic cultivation in these Chilean vineyards.

Hacienda Araucano is located on the outskirts of the historic village of Lolol, about 200 kms south of Santiago. The property is located in a valley oriented from East to West which encloses cold air from the Pacific Ocean. The difference in temperature between the sea and the land generates a white fog (“White Smoke”), which can be seen mainly in the mornings from the heights of the vineyard.

Unlike Argentina, where we are very accustomed to tasting wines planted at high altitude, this is 150 m above sea level (although certain hills reach 500 m).

In Hacienda Araucano, Reserva Carmenere is produced and the 2013 vintage offers a magnificent balance of colors, aromas and flavors.

In sight it is adorned with a beautiful ruby color with bluish reflections. It's round. With a great presence of spices, fruits and sweet mouth with a soft finish very consistent to its nose that adds notes of wood.

In a glass you can also find aromas of blackberries and black currants. And when you taste it, you express notes of paprika, toast and vanilla.

Thus, the Carmenere finds a very good expression in this specimen, which is undoubtedly worth trying.

Publication Date: 26/04/2019

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