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Rain cupcakes

Rain cupcakes are something very special in the north of Santa Fe. Mocovi tradition that seeks to stay.

The history of rain cakes, only present in some  families in northern Santafesino , is closely linked to that of the  native tribe  of Mocovies. In the territory of Reconquista, the most important city in northern Santafesino, some aboriginal communities persist. One of them is Rahachaglate Community, known as “Colonia La Lola”. It is composed  of families of Mocoví origin . Until their final submission perpetrated by the Argentine State at the end of the nineteenth century, the Mocovians were a very strong people. Of all the hunter-gatherers in the region, they were the most famous for their aggressiveness and ability to attack other territories. Already in the 20th century,  hunting  was left aside by them, to be  specialists in work and agriculture.  

This particular recipe, that of rain cupcakes, has a very nice history, which comes from the everyday life of Mocovías families. Not only in the community La Lola, but in various parts of Reconquista and surrounding areas,  those raining evenings, there are families who cook the rain cakes . The inhabitants tell, reminding their ancestors that every time the inclement weather interrupted the tasks of the countryside, a particular family encounter was generated. Men played trick and blackberry, while women cooked rain cakes for mate. Descendants of mocovies were integrated into urban life,  but the custom of family reunion  around rain cakes remained intact.  Almost like a ritual. 

Sometimes school  hours  , work and daily chores make the meeting impossible. However, the grandmothers make the same recipe and tell their children  to come and pick up   the little spring with the rain cupcakes to share. 

 The ingredients 


Mix all ingredients until a homogeneous mass is formed. Leave to rest about half an hour. Then stretch and cut rectangles about five centimeters by 10. In the center of each, a small slice is made with the tip of the knife, so that one of the tips of the dough can be passed. This gives the cupcakes a unique shape.

They are fried in hot oil and, as they come out, they are passed through impalpable sugar. So, the rain cakes are ready to  accompany  some rich santafesino mattes.

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