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Is the cold coming? With this crazy weather we don't know. But it is good to have the recipe for a different pot at hand. This is a good Patagonian one.

From  Patagonia , the recipe for a good pot, different, but as rich as the traditional one. Annotding...



Put a saucepan with water up to more than half. When it boils, pour the cabbage cut into 4 parts and washed several times in cold water.

Then the beans that have been soaked the night before, salt, meat, charqui,  sausages , bacon,  squash and sweet potatoes cut into pieces.

And when the boil is released again, the rice is thrown and boiled without interruption until everything is very well cooked.

Then it is left to thicken until it is without broth.

Care will be taken to increase hot water until perfect cooking of all  ingredients  and mix with wooden rocking, from time to time. It is served by putting rice and beans in a fountain on one side and on the other the meat, charqui, etc.

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