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Pororó or pururu?

We tell you the craziest recipes of pochoclos that meet the three B's: good, nice and cheap. In addition, we do an intercultural walk through all the ways to call them.


In the middle of a long quarantine,  pochoclos are the header snack for everyone .  Sweet or savory , they are the perfect company to watch movies or  peck  while you're doing other things. In addition, they are  suitable for the whole family  and super fun to cook. A recipe that in 2 minutes you have ready and that, in addition to being easy and practical, is delicious!We did the quality control of this dish and meets  the three B's: good, nice and cheap.  What else do you want?This delicacy is typical  anywhere in the country,  even in bordering countries it is  one of the most cooked recipes  . It's just that all you have to have is a little pisingallo corn and oil or butter.


  • Corn pisingallo

  • Oil or butter

  • Sugar or salt


This recipe is  very simple and fast,  however it has its  secrets  to make pururu perfect. Like a movie!

  1. Place in a saucepan, which has a lid, oil or butter. In cold, you add the amount of grains that look like to you. As far as possible, they do not overlap with each other and that, at most, they reach to cover the entire surface of the pot.
  2. Place on the  fire to midpoint  and cover
  3. Wait for the  taste explosion to begin.  You will hear that one by one each corn explodes and fills the spaces with  its unique aroma. 
  4.  The most important tip is to stir all the time  so that none is left on the pot and do not get burned.

 Magic Tips 

To add  a touch of magic  to these white delights, there are thousands of options. The most common is to add sugar to them and make them a sort of syrup that leaves them  bathed in caramel.  This aggregate is very simple to do: at the time of starting cooking pururu, in addition to oil a little water and sugar are added to it. Just do not go over sugar, so it does not burn and do not make a mess.  If you are super sweet,   you can also add  a drizzle of vanilla essence.

The bomb version of sweet pochoclos is the one that carries  condensed milk.  Did you know this recipe?The secret is to put, next to oil, water and sugar, a little condensed milk. Once the preparation reaches a  caramel consistency, the  vertese above the pururu.  The special touch is to put a little cinnamon on them (if you like it) or sprinkle cocoa.

On the other hand, if there is sweet, there is also salty. In this case it is simpler: once cooked pururu  we add salt to it and ready! 

 Thousand and One Way to Name Them 

This recipe is  famous all over the world.  However,  in Latin America , and especially in Argentina, we have a  special section in the dictionary to refer to this delight. For example, in Cordoba we say  pururu or pororó , depends the area. In Buenos Aires they call it  pochoclo  or those who take lexical loans from English prefer to call it  “pop corn”.  In the area of Misiones they tell you p ipoca  (as in Brazil or Bolivia), rosettes  or popcorn. According to some sources, it is assigned a  thousand more names throughout the Latin American territory. Cotufas or cocks call them in Venezuela; in Ecuador they call them c  anguil; in Peru they call them  canchita or  popcorn;    and in Colombia,   crispetes or corn pyre. 

And all the ways to name them are missing! This recipe is  extremely popular , and each one puts  its identity trait on it.  So, too, each adds  secret ingredients  to it that make it increasingly delicious. And, you, have you already experienced pururu in these ways?

Publication Date: 04/08/2020

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