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Pickled eggplants, an Argentine classic

We bring you this recipe easy and fast. It looks fabulous!

Frasco de berenjenas al escabeche


We have the best recipe to make a rich, easy and quick  pickled eggplants  , and we want to share it with you. This recipe is typical of Argentina and is a simple meal. Eggplants in oil are an Argentine classic. 

Eggplants look very delicious and tasty , for the most refined palates. Especially in its pickled version .


  • 3 eggplants
  • 2 liters of vinegar (can be apple or white alcohol)
  • 1 liter of oil (preferably olive)
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • Fresh oregano to taste
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Boil water with vinegar and add the eggplants little by little and leave them, about 1 minute. Continue this process until they are tender in the center but remain firm.
  2. Drag them out and leave them on a tray.
  3. Cut garlic cloves into slices and set aside. We're close now! In the glass container already washed with water and detergent, place eggplants with pepper, bay leaf, garlic and oregano. Fill the container with oil until the eggplants are fully covered by it.
  4. Finally cover the container and store in the refrigerator. Our product should macerate and rest, at least one week (being ideal for a month) so that its flavors intensify and highlight

Please always try to wash your fruit or vegetables carefully. It is our recommendation for healthy and fresh cuisine.
I always recommend removing bitterness from your eggplants before cooking. Here I teach you how to remove bitterness from your eggplant !
Like many other vegetables, they rust quickly. That is why we always recommend that they be cut at the moment and not leave them hours before (and worse days), to prevent them from getting ugly.

 Ready. You did it! 

Have you noticed how easy it was? And, ufff, wait till you try it. It is from those dishes that once combined acquires rules of unique taste.
You can experiment with other toppings, check our recipe book or try some of our light alternatives that we present below.

 How to keep your eggplants pickled? 

We already wait a lot for our preparation to be ready. For proper preservation, once you open the glass jar or container of your choice, prioritize that the oil continues to cover all the eggplants as otherwise they will be spoiled.

 The best ways to eat and taste 

These pickled eggplants are an ideal side dish for roasted or grilled meats.
They can also be eaten as a cold entrance, cutting the eggplant into slices and smeared on bread, toast or bites.
We recommend you to prepare a good amount of this recipe, as it is surprisingly rich and ends too quickly. Since the time difference between making a jar or 5 is almost the same, these eggplant fans recommend you to encourage you to produce in quantity.

 Vegan dish 

This preparation of how to prepare pickled eggplants can be performed 100% vegan.

Enjoy this delicacy!

Publication Date: 17/11/2020

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By: juhu 29 August, 2020

me parece muy desproporcionada las cantidades de aceite y vinagre en proporción con las berenjenas, tal vez un error de tipeo, donde debía decir vasos dice litros

By: juhu 29 August, 2020

la receta esta mal hecha, faltan componentes, no habla del agua, etc

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