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Peruvian strawberry iced cake

An ideal cake for dessert: very fresh, light, soft, delicious, spongy, showy and, as if it were not enough, easy to make!

Hello, how are you? We continue taking advantage of the strawberry season to make this Peruvian cake, ideal for a dessert: it is very fresh, light, soft, delicious, spongy, showy and, as if it were not enough, easy to make. You only have to follow a few tips for demoulding, which is what I didn't know how to do, so I'll tell them my mistake. They usually make it with evaporated milk instead of our whipped cream, but as it is difficult to get here I made a recipe to adapt it. With the same method I'll try to make it with peaches in another era (I'll tell you). Let's get down to business: we must have previously made a sponge cake and the rest is almost all a matter of assembly. Ingredients Bizcochuelo of 18cm of diameter: Flour sifted 90g Sugar 90g Eggs 3 (at room temperature) Cream: Strawberry jelly 1litre Whipped cream 480g (milk cream 400g +80g sugar) Unflavored gelatin 7g. Others: Strawberries to decorate cut in halves, approx 300g Syrup to wet the sponge cake (150 cc of water + 50g of sugar, I heat it and remove it when it boils). Procedure Bizcochuelo (sponge cake) Put a small pot with water to boil. In a bowl, put the eggs and sugar. Beat on the small pot that we had prepared for heat, without leaning on the water or the pot if we are working with a plastic bowl because we are going to melt. Beat until point letter (when it is well foamy, the mixture grew and has pale color). I do it this way, but they can also beat it without giving heat. Add the flour in 3 batches in an enveloping way trying not to lower the preparation. Place the mixture in a buttered mould, with buttered paper underneath and butter again. Flour the walls. Bake for about 25-30 minutes until a brochette stick is inserted and comes out without adhesions and the edges have detached from the edge of the mold. DO NOT open the oven for at least the first 20 minutes because the cake will be lowered and there is no return! Remove from the oven, leave to cool for about 15 minutes, unmold and remove the paper. Set aside. Cover First use only 300cc of the gelatine, so just prepare this amount that we will use to make what remains of coverage. Just oil a high tortera 20cm in diameter, then pass an absorbent paper to remove the excess oil. Put some of the gelatine and take it to the refrigerator until it starts to take a little bit, the other leave it at room temperature so that it does not solidify. Remove the mold from the refrigerator and place the strawberries in halves, not being so liquid the preparation will not float. Let it solidify and then place the rest of the reserved gelatin. Keep in mind when you put the strawberries that when you unmold them I must see the outer part of the strawberry, so when you place them, the flat part is the one I will be seeing and it will be covered by the rest of the preparation. Reserve. Cream Beat the cream with the sugar until almost ready. Set aside. Dissolve the unflavoured gelatine in 45cc of water to solidify. Then melt for about 10 seconds in the microwave before introducing it into the hot strawberry jelly. Please don't heat it too much, otherwise it won't help. Hardly, with affection. Make the remaining 700cc of gelatine and then add the unflavored melted gelatine. Mix and let it at room temperature. Put a little whipped cream in another bowl, add little by little the gelatin. Now I will pass this mixture to the other bowl with the remaining gelatin. Here what we wanted to do is to equalize a little the temperatures. Assembled Cut the bizcochuelo in half and wet it with the syrup. Place a little of the cream in the mould with the cover (covering approximately one centimetre). Take it to the refrigerator so that it solidifies a little and when you put the sponge cake do not absorb the mixture. Place one half of the sponge cake and cover with cream covering the sides well (they should not be seen once unmoulded). Refrigerate again for a few minutes. Remove and place the other half of the sponge cake and cover again with the remaining cream. Take it to the refrigerator. The ideal would be a whole day. To remove the mold (and here was my mistake), take the mold a few seconds to the stove with very low heat so that the gelatin loosens at the base. Not much, because even if it doesn't look like it will be melting and if we leave it too long we will undo our beautiful coverage. Pass a knife along the edges to peel off the gelatin cream. Unmould on the plate where it will be presented. Carefully lift the tortera, when it is empty it will begin to descend slowly. Don't rush here, calmly, if you can't break our work at the last moment. Pass a spatula along the edges to match. Now, as Francella would say: Let's eat it!

Publication Date: 27/10/2018

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