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Peanuts, it sounds like a picadita!

Peruvian Aborigines used this fruit for multiple purposes: as food, medicine and also currency. In Argentina, peanuts are minced!


Those who already know me know that I like to tell a little about the origins and  history  of the subject I chose, before I leave with the note.

 Legend  has it that,  peanuts also called peanut  , has a very but very ancient history. It is known to be native to South America, cultivated by indigenous people for centuries, before our European brothers in the 1500 discovered it.

Peruvian aborigines  , used this fruit in addition to a rich  food , as medicine, and also as a currency.

Many of us in our  childhood  have had a lot of place with parents or grandparents, and we loved to buy us,  diary paper conitos with peanuts  , garrapiñadas, lupines, apple and caramel figs, and closed the combo if in  the square  was a little buzz with ring, wasn't it? (eye that i'm not that old)

They are so rich and we do not know the  benefits  and nutrients that this small grain with red shell has!!!

Peanut is rich in  nutrients , such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, folates, fiber, vitamin E, vitamin B 1, niacin, phytochemicals, coenzyme Q10, healthy fats, resveratrol, iron, significant amounts, calcium and magnesium.

For  vegetarians , it is a good fact to know that peanuts provide 26% of vegetable protein, it is one of the fruits that has the most protein.

I can add that it is  rich  in potassium, and low in sodium, as long as we don't eat it salted or with sugar, or that it has been roasted.

This precious dried fruit stands out for its  many uses , we can use it for delicious desserts, process it for an exquisite peanut butter to spread and especially for a tempting  mince !!!!

Liliana H. Almeida. Bachelor of Nutrition.

@lilys .farm

Publication Date: 14/11/2020

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