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Chancho's ducklings for the mattes

In Avellaneda, Santa Fe, the chancho ducklings are traditional. But it turns out that they are sweet and eaten at the snack! I knew how to do them.

Patitas de chancho para los mates

The recipe for the chancho ducklings is one of the particularities of the north of  Santa Fe . This artisanal product is obtained in several villages, but  the native of Avellaneda are awarded their authorship.  Before you prepare to eat a lunch based on pork, we stop your shipment. Chancho's ducklings are exquisite, but they're bills.  They are sweet and eaten at the snack  or to accompany the mattes. They owe their name to the way they're armed. Indeed, they seem to be tiny pig limbs.

Avellaneda is a town of 23,000 inhabitants that is  300 kilometers from the provincial capital.  A bridge separates it from Reconquista, the main city of that region.

The curious elaboration of which we talked about in this note, very typical of the Santafesino interior, is very little known. Lately, it took a little more visibility thanks to the  work of some Rosarina researchers . They made a unique  recipe book . It is a compendium of meals that are made throughout the province.

Touring the villages of Santa Fe looking for what is eaten in each can throw great surprises. One of them is what you can take if you go to Avellaneda and someone offers you ducklings of chancho  to accompany the mate . What we assure you is that  they are very rich, and you can even prepare them at home.  We leave the recipe in case you cheer up. By the way, you will be making known part of the traditions of the delicious interior of Santafesino.


  • 50 grams of yeast
  • 50 grams of butter
  • One well of sugar
  • A kilo of common flour
  • 3 eggs
  • One 1 well of water
  • A well of milk barely warm


  1. Place the  yeast by shelling it in warm milk.  Let stand ten minutes.
  2. Join eggs, butter and water (you can add to this mixture a teaspoon of lemon zest).
  3. Join yeast with milk.
  4. Mix flour and sugar.  Make a hole in the middle and there go pulling and mixing  with a little flour and sugar.
  5. Let this mixture stand for another 10 minutes.
  6. Then, integrate everything so that a homogeneous mass remains. No kneading.
  7. Let stand 20 minutes.
  8. Take fragments of dough, with your hands form rolls (the approximate size of a fibron in its diameter). To each  make the marks  so that they look like ducklings of chancho. Let them rest 20 minutes, so freshly then  fry  as much as possible in fat, not in oil.

Publication Date: 27/08/2020

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