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Patagonian wines virtually exposed

The fourth edition of the “Patagonia Wine Expo” arrives, in virtual format

Vinos patagónicos

Social, preventive and mandatory isolation was a determining factor for many events and places to lower the blinds due to the unsustainable conditions. However, for the organizers of “Expo Vino Patagonia”, this was not an insurmountable obstacle.  The fourth edition of the expo, which was being held in the City of Buenos Aires, will have its virtual version. 

The success of previous editions, which  brought together thousands of wine fans and from the south of the country, will be put to the test next Friday, October 30 . The appointment will show varietals from Neuquén,  Chubut  and  Río Negro  of some renowned wineries  , but  mostly family wineries and medium-sized producers . The event, organized by “Wines of Patagonia” (WOPA), will be supported by the provincial governments and the Federal Investment Council (CFI).

Why Patagonia Wines?

The region of the Patagonian steppe is the most vast and unpopulated region in our country. Its hostile wind and pronounced temperature changes, its dry climate and its arid soils make it a little vegetated region in the social imaginary. However, there is no less fact that is surprisingly ignored: Patagonia has unique conditions in the world to produce medium-and high-end wines  called “ cold zones” ”. This is how Neuquén want to stand as direct competitors of the famous  Mendocino wine. 

The conditions that allow the  excellent development of the vine range from the thermal amplitude, the low humidity, and even the wind that everyone protests is a key factor so that diseases are not generated in the plant. Of course, among its varietals, there is the national malbec, but the most suitable are the  merlot and pinot noir  (ideal to accompany fish). Whites are also common currency among Neuquén wines;  Chardonnay and Suavignon Franc stand out as fine, sweet and soft varietals .

The event

 The format of the event will be interactive and participants will be able to dialogue with producers  and cook typical recipes with renowned chef Pablo Buzzo  . In addition to immersing yourself in the beautiful Patagonian landscapes, the experience will feature a wine presenter and connoisseur of the region: Joe Fernández.

The modality will have two variants. On  the one hand, AMBA residents will have access to unique benefits : bird pate and Chubut mushrooms, chickpea hummus, made merkeen and olive oil from Rio Negro, and a chutney of pears and apples from Neuquén. On the other hand, people from the rest of the country,  outside the AMBA, will have at their home a tasting of pâtés,  which may be prawns from the Argentine sea, deer, wild boar, Patagonian lamb, salmon or trout from the southern lakes.

Finally, all participants will have two  bottles of premium cider, stuffed chocolates and chocolate tablets. A combo that justifies the reason for choosing Friday as the day of the expo. 

Publication Date: 29/10/2020

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