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Pancakes with greaves

The pancakes are Mendoza. The scrapings are the best known. But have you tried them with greaves?

Tortitas con chicharrones

Pancakes are a piece of dough with fat and other ingredients, which  are cooked in the oven and serve to accompany mate, tea, cooked mate,   coffee with milk  and any type of breakfast or half Afternoon. We also eat them with ham and cheese, as a sangche.

There are different varieties.  From butter, which, as the name indicates, are made from that dairy, are a little heavier and, biting them, leave a rare sensation in the mouth. Then we can mention the punctures. They are a little taller, fluffy, with holes in the top lid.  The Cordobesas  , are a mixture between the pricks and those of butter. There are also leafy ones, with thin layers of dough, one on top of the other. They also usually contain a high portion of fat.  

But there is a variety that is more Mendoza than all: pancakes with greaves. They're heavy, tall, fluffy. But the key is  the greaves. Nobody knows what they are. They could be defined as small edible pebbles, with a fat flavor and which, when mixed with the dough, deliver an unmistakable flavor.  

 The greaves 

They are obtained when frying at high temperatures and for a long time pork fat. Its name comes because, what is done,  is “chicharrar” the fat, separating it into small portions, in the form of tiny pebbles or balls. These are mixed with the rest of the ingredients and thus forms the pancake.  

This food is historic in our province. From the original peoples to the present day, mutating a little, but it has always eaten and shared in families. It is usually ideal to eat alone and whole, without making a sangche or smear it with  cheese , butter or sweet.  The chicharrona is eaten alone. And, while we have mentioned many options, the main accompaniment for this food is mate. They're a perfect marriage. Practice marks the obligation to eat a piece of pancake and moisturize it with a sip of mate. The amalgam of flavors is irresistible.  


  • 1 kilo common flour 0000
  • 1 cup melted vaccine fat
  • 1 cup warm water
  • 1 cup greaves
  • 20 g yeast
  • Sugar

We start with the sponge. Place the yeast in a bowl or small bowl and add a teaspoon of sugar, two tablespoons of flour and a little water. All a little by eye.  A very thick liquid should be achieved, attaching all the ingredients. We stir a lot . Once it was like a kind of creampie, we must cover with a bag or film and let it double its volume forming a foam. It should acquire fragile consistency, with holes, as if it were a real sponge. Then we mix the flour with the two tablespoons of salt. We leave a gap in the middle and incorporate the sponge. This should be done on the counter.  Let's add up the fat and warm water. Stir until we incorporate the ingredients well and knead for 5 minutes, approximately. Everything must be homogeneously joined together.   Let rest about 40 minutes, waiting for it to double its volume. Once it was achieved, we add the cup of greaves and mix well. Finally, we make balls and crush into a floured plate. It will only be necessary to bring to the strong oven, previously heated, until the  pancakes  are browned. Depending on the oven, it may be necessary to turn them over or, preferably, place them on the bottom tray, so that they receive the heat from above.

Publication Date: 23/02/2021

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