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Bread of God

The dough is super tender, with a soft aroma of orange, spongy and crunchy on top, thanks to a mixture made with grated coconut.

This time I'm going to honor my dual nationality and give you this Portuguese recipe: Pao de Deus (Bread of God), or Arrufada, or Estaladinho. Some sweet breads covered with a coconut crunchy - I love coconut! The dough is super tender, with a soft orange aroma, spongy and crunchy on top, thanks to a mixture made with grated coconut. I WANT MORE! It comes out 12 units (large invoice size) or you can make the size you want as 4 units. You can put them in the freezer. Just wrap them well with film and when you want to eat them again leave them at room temperature until they defrost and ready. Ahhh: once cold, they are usually sprinkled with impalpable sugar, but... I didn't resist and I ate them before; I also wanted them to see the coconut on top, I didn't want them to be covered. I hope you like it as much as I do. Ingredients for the dough: Flour 0000, 500g - Sugar 120g - Butter ointment 100g - Eggs 2 - Fresh yeast 30g - Salt 5g - Grated 1 1/2 orange - Orange juice 150cc approx. (milk may also be used). Cover: Grated Coconut 100g - Sugar 100g - Eggs 2. Procedure: *First we will make a sponge with the yeast, a spoonful of sugar, a little flour and a squirt of milk. (I take it out of the ingredients that I will use for the dough or they are extra ingredients). I mix it and let it leaven for about 15 minutes until it sees many bubbles and has grown. *Now place the rest of the flour, sugar, salt, zest and mix in a mixer. Add the eggs, the ferment, the juice or milk (little by little because you can drink less liquid, that will depend on the size of the eggs). Mix well and when it is almost all integrated I am putting the ointment butter little by little until the dough has incorporated all. Knead for about 8 minutes. *Place the dough in an oiled bowl so that it rests for about 1 hour or until it doubles in volume. *Degasify, divide into portions, roll. Place on a plate 20x30 cm with buttered buttered paper and let it leaven until doubled again. To paint with egg (to use the eggs of the covering because it is only to paint and then to reserve it for the preparation of coconut). *For the topping only mix the ingredients until all is wet. Place on each roll spread well and be careful not to lower the dough. *Bake at 170ºC for 30-35 minutes. *Remove, let it warm up and remove the paper (if it cools completely it is more difficult). *Before serving, sprinkle with icing sugar. P.S.: In a video I saw that they made 4 units with this amount of dough and when they let it leaven to put the crisp, they make a caveat: let it rise to 30% of its volume, because if not put the crust, the dough would sink. I let it leaven twice, but it was 12 units: perhaps the weight that it would have when they are less, does not support it.

Publication Date: 24/09/2018

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By: Gabriel 21 February, 2019

Los prepares, muy ricos saliero

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