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Open a Mate Bar with more than 30 herbs to try and enjoy

It's the first one; it's called Matea and it's in La Plata. With sugar or bitter, mate is a national passion.

Yerba Mate

With sugar or bitter, mate is a national passion and, as such, has just won the leading role in entrepreneurship that has it as the axis of all its proposal. It is in La Plata and is the first to open in Latin America.

Mate runs through our DNA. It is a habit that crosses all generations and that fascinates tourists, who look with curiosity at this habit that goes far beyond the grastronomic to be filled with culture. So Argentina is the setting for the first themed bar to savor premium herbs. It is called Matea, it is unique in Latin America, and awaits you in La Plata with more than 30 varieties which are richer.

The proposal developed by this innovative bar is to offer a gourmet experience associated with yerba del mate. Not only does it have more than 30 different types of herbs, which come from small farms, but its whole proposal revolves around this infusion, from design to pastry.

The bar not only offers the possibility of going to have mate, but also has classes of mate, where some basic tricks are taught to make the infusion look great. < !

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Publication Date: 25/04/2019

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By: Sebastián 26 April, 2019

Muyy buena propuesta y más sobre ela yerba mate que tanto se ama pero también se desconoce. Una aclaración en santiago de Chile ya existe un Mate Bar desde hace unos años, se llama Del. Sur Mate bar Para que sepan. Saludos

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