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Of rituals and ceremonies

Toooodo what we do every day in preparing our mate counts as a mate ceremonial

If I say to you "ceremony", without a doubt you think of "del Te! But come, follow me in this analysis... Did you think about everything that is usually done when preparing a mate? Heat the water so that it doesn't boil, please! (until there is the definition of the "MATE temperature") are around 85° C. Fill the container "mate", (can be pumpkin, glass, wood or thousand etc.) with the yerba, until ¾ of its capacity. Cover the mate with one hand and overturn the contents on the other hand, with gentle taps shake in order to homogenize the yerba and re-distribute the particles of dust, leaves and stems of the yerba mate. This greatly improves the taste and performance of the final product (in the Establecimiento Las Marías, they even suggest to their visitors, to do this action with the package closed! I assure you that it is an excellent advice). Return the container to its position taking care that the yerba mate is lying on one side and is a little, to position the bombilla. Pour a little water, colder than ready... in that little hole, to humidify the yerba. Put the bombilla there, sugar, maybe... and pour the water little by little. Take care not to get ALL the yerba mate wet. Ideal if the "foam" is formed. From here on, always fatten in the place of the bombilla, taking care not to move it more than necessary. If our language defines as ceremony "the action that is done according to a custom, regulation or norm, with the objective of paying tribute or expressing respect or adhesion to something or someone"... don't you agree with me that toooodo what we do every day when preparing our mate, counts as mate ceremonial? I firmly believe so! The mate ceremonial exists, and without a doubt... it will have so many variants, as people prepare their drink. What is your personal and private ceremony? Prepare yourself a mate and tell me. Until the next infusion.

Publication Date: 11/09/2018

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By: Marcos A Sánchez 30 November, 2018

Excelente Laura, mi ritual es exactamente como lo expresas, obviamente la idea es compartir un momento, pero también suelo tomarlo solo, por las tardes. Al leerte, recordaba que hace unos años debía controlar y acompañar el fuego de la hornalla (casi a ojo), para lograr la temperatura adecuada del agua. Hoy gracias a la pava eléctrica, todo se resuelve de modo más simple y rápido.

By: Laura Imaz 12 December, 2018

En respuesta a Marcos A Sánchez

Nada más "ritualezco", que aprender a comprender el sonido de la pava al fuego. Único íntimo y personal. Ninguna pava suena como otra... hay que descifrar ! ¡ Gracias por tus palabras!

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