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Oenological scales

Sol Fa Soul Torrontés, autumn leaves and “Come together” are the result of a very special sound pairing, created by winemaker Marcelo Pelleriti.


The fifth and fourth musical note of a soulscale, where gospel and rhythm and blues combine to give chords of expressions in which the senses emerge with the uncorking of a bottle of Sol Fa Soul , which in its most wild and visceral scale, is presented in a Torrontés of pure Creole strain.
Then the ideal moment seeks the right accompaniment and the torrontés owns warm days like the autumnal ones. Warm sun, shedding leaves, ochre tones and a torrontés are mixed and combined with sounds of music in a quasi-magical ethereal environment - Yeah .
We are associative beings and enjoy combining melodies with moments and merging them with other perceptions. And this wine lends itself to memory.
Through the bottle we observe yellow colors with greenish tones. The glass allows to take fine aromas, white flowers with citrus touches are volatilized from a body of good structure and in a jump in the mouth it manifests balanced and fresh, with an open and pleasant finish.
Sol Fa Soul Torrontés was created byMarcelo Pelleriti, with grapes from the Uco Valley, The Consultation of the Province of Argentina of Mendoza. Place with distinctive torroirs from where the most precious origin takes the personality of a wine.
The wine contains a whole set of aromas, tastes and sensations that we can almost touch, but it is also a sound universe. Understanders mention that “wine, like music, has a horizontal line, melodic, which corresponds to its aromas, and a vertical line, harmonic, which manifests itself in the palatal experience.” And not only that, he is able to express his melody to us through taste.

Sol Fa Soul Torrontés

Expert words

Research shows the relationship between wine and music and states that there is a music suitable for each type of wine. Where depending on the sounds that are heard at the time of the tasting, the taste and our perception of the winewill change in one way or another.

Publication Date: 23/05/2020

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