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Non Bloody Mary

We made a Non Bloody Mary.



In a glass of composition place the salt,
lime juice and worcestershire sauce, along with
vodka, Cinzano and tomato water. Stir to bind flavors, add five large ice stones. Stir to refresh. Double strain into cocktail glass and decorate with baby carrot.

Quick version: take five San Marsano tomatoes and make small cuts to them, wrap them in a canvas and press dropping water from tomatoes onto a bowl. Then again sift and store in refrigerator.

Slow version: in a large gourmet GN rectangular bowl place a raised grid with a canvas and, on top of it, cut San Marsano tomatoes. Place a plate on them so that it puts pressure, eye, not too much! Leave in a refrigerator or camera for 24 hours. Then remove and strain the water that accumulated into the bottom of the tray. Store in refrigerator.

Rating: 3.00/5.