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My three sparkling wines suggested for the toast


At the end of the year sparkling wines have one of the most important moments of their offer. Formulas change, many are aggiornated but their festive essence is preserved.

And it is that for any toast we do not think if not about having foam in the cup and that the crystals sound when they crash.

That is why I do not want to pass if I leave you three recommendations to share and taste when the bells ring twelve o'clock.

For those daring and eager to try an exponent of the old guard adding to the revaluation of a typical Mendoza strain, I suggest  Chaman Semillón Extra Brut 2017 . A strain that is rarely used to make bubbles.

Sparkling wine with great personality, oily and heavy in the glass where the damascs, peaches and honey stand out.

Subtle and elegant shamanic wisdom made brew with champenoise method.

The second on the list is a bold and fresh bet. Tordillo 2017 is a sparkling wine made with a mixture of white grapes, which like the same name pingo will show a different hue in its composition.

Here Winemaker Pepe Reginato proposes the game with Semillon, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc achieving a sparkling young man with a pleasant balance between fruit and yeast aromas. It is very tasty, with bubbles very well integrated.Another of the great proposals made by Rapporteur Wines de Fernando “Flaco” Gabrielli.

Finally for lovers of one of the classic components of champagne I propose Chiaroscuro Extra Brut Pinot Noir. The art of this grape embodied in subdued pink brushstrokes.

Refreshing bottle of fruity and floral aromas, young character and an attractive complexity of aromas and flavors.

In short, that exchange of wishes that we provoke when lifting the glass will always be done with a column of bubbles winding from the bottom of the glass and will materialize in the cheerful freshness that gives in the mouth a sparkling wine.

Publication Date: 31/12/2018

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