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More pickles to enjoy

Pickled mushrooms, hare and mussels - all recipes that are a way back.

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  Pickles are a   delicacy of many of the companions of lunches and dinners, and when you do it with your own hands, you have a particular and more sensible taste. Therefore, in the following words, you will find three other recipes of pickles with a certain  Patagonian ricor.

 Mushroom pickled 

  Mushroom   pickled will come to give a   mountain range air to   your food and for this we will need 300 grams of  champignons , 300 grams of  gyrgolas , bay leaf (to taste), black pepper in grains (also to taste), 3 cloves of garlic, a bouquet of aromatic herbs, 300 cubic centimeters of water, the same amount of alcohol vinegar, 60 centimeters, and uacute; corn oil bicos, 100 grams of chopped echalote, 60 grams of chopped carrots, 60 grams of chopped red bell, cloves, thyme and oregano to taste.

We begin the preparation by placing the vinegar, water and seasonings, next to the previously sauté vegetables. To this we add the oil and finally add the mushrooms, that is, mushrooms and girgolas, for the next 5 to 10 minutes on the fire.

Before packaging, the bouquet of aromatic herbs should be removed. Store refrigerated and after five days you are ready to eat it at the entrance or accompanying the main course or, because not, just with a bread at any time of the day when the catfish bite you.

Of the mushrooms, you probably heard about, but maybe you wonder what are the gyrgolas: they are those edible cultivated mushrooms, which have been properly pasteurized or sterilized: you will know the difference -many times - when you see them: since they are the ones that are commercially better known as mushrooms oysters, by their shape. You will discover them by the shape of the hat as if it were a fan or spatula.

 Pickled hare 

For this recipe we need a  hare , 2 large  onions  , one  carrots , salt, half a liter of vinegar, ground chili pepper, oregano and oil.

The night before, we need to place the hare in cold water with coarse salt so that it bleeds out well. The next morning all that water is thrown out and start cooking with clean water until it is very tender: the time is relative because it will depend on the size and weight of the hare what will take to be ready. Tip to know when it is: we can check when the meat can break off the bone only with your fingers.

Moreover, in a saucepan, sauté the onions, grated carrots and place the seasonings to taste. When all the tender vegetables are, salt is placed on it and the hare meat cut into small pieces.

When it is already cold, the vinegar is placed on it and it is ready to eat, although, like everything (good) pickled should be left in the refrigerator and, if possible, eat it before 5 days.

 Pickled mussels 

For this last recipe we will need about 20 mussels, 5 grams of dried chili pepper, 100 grams of onion and another 100 carrots, 30 milliliters of vinegar, about 120 milliliters of oil, 1 clove of garlic and the following are to taste quantities: bay leaves, oregano, pizza seasoning, salt and peppers in grain.

Cleaning the mussels before starting with the preparation, is essential, because it will allow to remove the leaflets from them. In a saucepan, carrot and onion, oil and all seasonings will be placed. When the orange vegetable is half cooked, vinegar is added. And when the carrots are already cooked, we add the shelled (clean) mussels and immediately remove from the heat, as they are already cooked.

And now yes, same step as the previous ones, let it cool a little and to the container. If they will be many guests, you look like your own pickles; if they will only be the people with whom you live day by day, too.

 Enjoy “picky” good!  

Publication Date: 21/02/2021

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