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Meals on May 25, 1810

We shed light on some meals from 1810 that we consume differently today. Or we don't consume, directly. The meat thing, it's going to surprise you.


Within everything there is to demystify, let's demystify some things from homeland history. Like, for example, what was eaten in 1810 (somewhere we had to start!). Here, the most popular ones, which are sung. But they didn't eat as we think. Or how we eat them today.

Locro was the most typical dish. But its preparation varied according to where it was prepared. Since it was eaten throughout the territory, and whatever the land gave was used. In Buenos Aires, it was very common for it to be sold in the Recova. Building that was located on what is today Defensa Street in Plaza de Mayo.

Contrary to what you think, circa 1810, empanadas were not usually prepared in the houses. It was a street vendor's food. They brought women from the outskirts, in baskets. So most likely, they were eaten at room temperature.

The most popular dessert, especially among boys was mazamorra (white corn, sugar and milk). It was sold by the mazamorrero. Man on horseback, who brought her in big jars. I mean, it was a little more liquid than the one we made today.

You'll imagine that by the year 1810, the cows were left over. They reproduced faster than people. With what he didn't eat, he left it for the dogs. Or the rats. Anyone could meat an animal in the middle of the city.

Although the wine was produced long before, because the settlers had brought it, it was not so frequent to drink it. It accompanied the lunches, in its variety Carlón. The native Argentine strain, which survived until the middle of the 20th century (I still remember some Carlón wine commercial). At night parties, hot or matte chocolate was drunk. With fried cakes.

Publication Date: 25/05/2020

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By: daxpoen 29 May, 2020

excelente nota.. Saludos de Un Argentino en Mexico

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