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Mbeyu: easy, rich, cheap and suitable for celiacs

Mbeyú is a traditional Guarani food. It is very easy to prepare and an ideal companion for matte.

The missionaries, faithful heirs of the Guaraní, prepare  delicious pancakes, cheap and super easy to make . It is Mbeyú, a traditional recipe of indigenous peoples that was modified over time, but that maintains its original essence. For breakfast or snack, if you want to  accompany  the  mattes  with something different, you know, Make yourself a Mbeyu. Easy, rich, cheap and suitable for all audiences.


 The word mbeyú is a Guarani word meaning 'crushed cake. ' It is assumed that, with the arrival of the Jesuits, the Guarani added new products into their recipes. Among these were milk, egg and butter, as farm animals came from the old continent.

The thing is that in  Misiones  it is consumed all year, accompanied by a mate at any time of the day.  An extra point of mbeyú is that, being a recipe that carries cassava starch, it is suitable for celiacs.  How are you doing? In addition, it contains a lot of food so you can replace other preparations for breakfast or snack. This recipe is very easy to prepare because it has few  ingredients  that do not require any special cooking. Hands to the dough?



  1. In a bowl put the cassava starch and add the butter into pieces.
  2. Add the cut cheeses and mix.
  3. Season to taste and moisten with milk gradually. The dough should be barely tied.
  4. Mix and squeeze until you make “pelotitas”.
  5. Put the pan on the fire and place a piece of butter.
  6. Place a little of the preparation in the pan until it forms a not very thin or very thick layer. At this point you can help you with a spoon.
  7. Squeeze the  dough  with the spoon to make it unite. Leave two minutes and turn around with the help of a dish.

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