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Mbaipy: a Correntino dish that ignites the spirit

Mbaipy is a traditional Correntino dish. Special to taste it with a glass of red wine, the cool autumn days.


Those cool autumn days are coming and the body begins to ask us for meals with higher calories, those that “ignite” the spirit. The mbaipy is a traditional meal from the province of Corrientes, ideal to accompany with a good red. This dish, of guaranite tradition, is usually consumed during the days of Lent. This recipe has a lot of history and a lot to enjoy. Its leisurely elaboration, full of aromas and ingredients, invites us to an experience beyond our palate. Smelling that essence that comes off the pot is priceless. And, if we add a background chamamé, without realizing it, we are already in Corrientes.


  • 1 chicken
  • Parsley
  • Celery
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • 300 g cheese peeled
  • ½ glass of oil
  • Salt and pepper taste, cumin and oregano
  • 1 kg of corn flour

Preparation (for 10 people)

  1. Brown the onion in a frying pan. Not much.
  2. Add parsley, garlic, celery (well chopped), then chicken cut into 10 servings (some prefer to use only small cut breast).
  3. Wait with the well covered pot for each ingredient to release its juices and flavor. Add at this time all seasonings and salt.
  4. Reserve a pot or pot with hot water.
  5. When the ingredients are cooked (you may need a couple of tablespoons of water each time), dissolve in a separate container with cold water or put together with hand a homogeneous mixture with polenta.
  6. Add the dough well chirp to the preparation of the pot, as if it were a cream. Slowly pour the necessary hot water so that it does not become too thick or does not stick (use wooden spoon).
  7. To get to the point, it is important to try until the taste of the granulate disappears and becomes soft cream.
  8. Add the cheese, wait for it to melt, and serve.

It is richer if it is prepared in an iron pot and on a wood fire. Do not miss this delicious mbaipy!

We suggest you continue reading the following notes:

gastronomia-argentinaMeals of May 25, 1810
festival-del-lomo-cordobesA cult of good food

Publication Date: 19/05/2020

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