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Low Tea vs. High Tea

Maybe you go for a walk and in the places to drink tea, you cross with these words what is each one?

By  Laura Imaz 

Are you surprised if I tell you that the origin of the term has to do with  the height of the  table   where it is served? I didn't know it until they taught it to me at EAT (Argentina School of Tea, where I'm a graduate)

The  LOW tea was served at low  tables  . Very elegant and sumptuous, from  dishes  and  pastry  , to guests and place of service.

It has its origin in the label created by the Duchess Anne of Bedford, lady of the escort of Queen Victoria, who began to assemble social gatherings in her rooms in mid-afternoon. On a low table were laid multi-storey fountains with  pastry  and  salty snacks  , and all the tableware for tea.

Wishing to imitate the custom of royalty, years later and when tea was cheaper (coming from the English colonies India and ex-Ceylon, today Sri Lanka) and accessible to everyone... it was the people who created the  HIGH tea . It is served at high tables, later/night, accompanied by  meats  and even  vegetables  . The crockery is simple, because it is a family reunion and is served in the houses.

So in its origins,  LOW  was a social gathering of etiquette and for the nobility. And the  HIGH  was a simpler family reunion and for the village.

I love discovering these stories, and do you?

Until the next infusion.

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