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Let's have a glass of malbec

The pleasure of enjoying a great strain. Learn to taste the emblem wine of Argentina with all the senses.


Malbec is a warm strain with subtle and easy to drink flavors that expresses a lot of fruit. Perfect for the palate of women and men because of its delicate tannins and good acidity.

Serve a glass, look at it, you'll see its intense dark cherry red color that may seem almost black. This strain is deep and with it we say that its color is concentrated and dark.

Now close your eyes and bring the glass closer to your nose, you will feel its floral and fruity aromas such as plums, coffee, chocolate, vanilla and raisins. It is very expressive because it allows you to enjoy all its aromas.

Now finally, take it to your mouth and leave it for a moment, you will feel its flavors of black cherry, plum, raspberry and blueberries, leaving us a sweet memory on the palate.

Malbec is naturally balanced, understood as the ideal state of a wine in the mouth and means that its attributes are in harmony. It is fleshy because the strain has weight and texture in the cup. It's also complex. A glass of malbec combines exceptional characteristics with its aromas and flavors.

The variety itself can be considered as the owner of natural acidity as one of the most important attributes of freshness. It's a sharp wine naturally.


In the extensive possibility shown by our country, we often find it very gastronomic because it meets the conditions to accompany various styles of cuisine and are enjoyed with a dish in front.

Malbec is juicy, always fills the palate and like it. And of course, it's very versatile. It is ideal to perform well in various situations such as a main course, during the table, an after office or a toast

Then, after serving us a glass of malbec, we walked away a little bit to watch it. We looked at him for a few seconds and we feel he has still a lot to tell. What's more, most of his story is still being written...


Long live malbec!

Publication Date: 17/04/2021

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