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Lamb, lamb and capon: well patagonian recipes

From Patagonia, three recipes with lamb, lamb and capon.

recetas patagonicas

 Sheep meat is an essential component in the rural area of  Argentinian Patagonia  .  The different categories of this cattle -  lamb, lamb and  capon   - directly influence types of foods that are used, but, despite the differences, we can make recipes for sucking your fingers.

We explained above that lamb is the castrated male that, first, is worked for wool. Generally it produces between 8 and 9 kilos, two more than the sheep. It is a meat with more fat and therefore cheaper on the market. The sheepskin, on the contrary, is the breeding of the sheep and does not pass two years.

To get out of the classic image of the  lamb to the grill  -or to the stake, at the withers, as you like to call it-, we bring you three recipes with the animal's leg. One with lamb, one with capon and the last one with lamb. For all tastes.

 Stuffed lamb leg 

For this preparation we obviously need a lamb leg, 200 grams of chopped cooked ham, 200 grams of chopped smoked bacon, one grated carrot, a chopped red bell, two medium onions cut into julienne, two medium tomatoes cut into slices, two tablespoons of oil, one hard-boiled egg, parsley finely chopped, salt and pepper.

This recipe can be prepared in two ways: with or without bone. If you choose to do it with bone, you can make a cut on either side of the leg and insert the filling. For the second case, the bone must be removed from one end, as clean and neat as possible. Once the bone is removed, the filling is placed in place. The edges are sewn or they can be tied as if it were a swatter.

The leg filling is done by placing in thin layers: cooked ham, bacon, grated carrots, parsley, bell and chopped hard-boiled egg. To this can be added a teaspoon of oil or a drizzle of white wine.

We continue to place in a roast the slices of onions and tomatoes forming a base to then place the previously oiled leg. We heat the oven, put the stuffed leg and cook for an hour and a half on moderate heat.

 Capon leg in the pan 

For this second recipe what we need is a   capon leg without garron   , 250 grams of smoked bacon, two large chopped onions, a sprig of aromatic herbs (it can be rosemary, sage, thyme or thyme laurel), one bell cut into strips, two fresh chopped tomatoes, two tablespoons of dried mushrooms, five cloves of garlic, four oranges, a glass of white wine, half a cup of oil and salt to taste.

We start by tapping the capon's leg with the bacon and garlic, browning in oil from both sides. Once golden we add a little water or broth and chopped onion. Cover and let simmer.

Then add the wine, the ramito of aromatic herbs -tied to remove it before serving -, the bell, the tomato and the dried mushrooms. All this we cook for an hour and a half over moderate heat and every 15 minutes turn to go sprinkling the leg with the juice of the oranges.

Once the cooking is finished, the leg is cut into two-centimeter slices, we deposit them at the bottom of the pan and let stand a few minutes so that they acquire greater flavor.

If the sauce is very liquid you can thicken by adding one or two tablespoons of corn starch or flour. Tip: You can accompany the dish with boiled or mashed potatoes.

 Patagonian lamb rosehip 

We ended up with a recipe of patagonian lamb.

For this we need a  lamb leg, 100 grams of dried mushrooms, a large onion, 150 grams of bacon, a quarter liter of red wine, a quarter liter of cream, a quarter kilo of sweet rosehip, oil, salt, garlic and pepper to taste.

The day before the preparation of this dish, we put to macerate the mushrooms in red wine. On the day we are going to eat this recipe, we boned the leg of the lamb and spread it like a matambre.

To start preparing the filling, you need to brown in oil the onion until it becomes transparent, add a head of garlic cut into thin slices, and then the bacon.

We remove the mushrooms from the wine and mix them with the previous preparation. Keep on low heat for about three minutes, remove from heat and let stand for ten minutes.

We put the preparation on the stretched lamb leg and proceed to roll and tie. Then in a frying pan with oil and brown the leg so that the meat is sealed. We add the wine in which the mushrooms were soaked and let cook in the pan for three minutes.

Then we put that in the oven on moderate heat for an hour and, after cooking the meat is finished, it is removed from the oven. The resulting juice from cooking, we pour it into a bowl and add to it the sweet rosehip, and cream. Stir until a homogeneous sauce is obtained.

Finally, we pour half the sauce on the leg and bring to the table. The other half of the sauce we leave it apart, so each of the guests adds to your taste.

Bon appetit!

Publication Date: 22/11/2020

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