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Joyful immaterial essence

Life is full of mysteries and wines have their own. But there is one that mutated in the composition of his name and not in its content, yet unknown.


Since its conception in 2006 and for some years, its name was Alma Negra Misterio and the mask on the label was a symbol of identity.

Then it would be shortened only to Alma Negra, but as a kind of game of hide-and-seek, the cellar does not detail what grapes this blend, so one, when trying it, has to try to interpret the origin of the different flavors that are presented in the glass.

Ernesto Catena Vineyards's enigmatic Alma Negrahas a special editiondressed in the brilliant illustrations of Ricardo Siri Liniers. It is an original series of five bottles, which together form a funny comic about the ritual of opening a bottle of wine. And they contain the five secret components of the Alma Negra blend.

It was an idea born of friendship and celebration, and it was embodied in bottles where freshness commands, both in the wine it contains and in its labels, all unique and collectible.

Its presentation is in a bottle of 500 ml, with the idea of easy transportation to be shared with friends.

Ernesto Catena is defined as Créateur de vinos. For him, wine is a bridge between nature , culture and art , and he amalgamated all his passions with his different projects.

Black Soul “is my obsession,” he says. More than a type of grape, its creator describes it as a concept. “We never say what the Black Soul is made of, it is a mystery, a challenge that must be discovered from the senses.”

Despite being mysterious, it is a very friendly wine that is allowed to be drunk easily, which does not mean that it is a simple wine. The body is light, but contrary to the intensity of the flavors is well marked. At the first contact in the nose, the notes of the wood are felt, well integrated into the set. Black fruits and plums. At the time of uncorked, some vanilla feels pleasant. In the mouth, it is very balanced, and is characterized by being a wine with good acidity and with a dim astringency, gives a slight sensation of wet earth and medium aftertaste with some coffee.

Also interesting is the range of aromas found in the evolution in the glass, such as red fruits, cinnamon, caramel, eucalyptus and spicy notes.

We can play names of strains that can be part of this copy, because...

“... the charm that interests souls most, is the charm of mystery. There is no beauty without veil; and the unknown is also what we prefer. Existence would be unbearable if we were not always dreaming...”

Publication Date: 09/12/2019

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