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In the search for pleasures

The pleasure of drinking is usually associated with others such as eating, talking and listening to music.


A recent scientific report confirms that music influences the taste of wine. We love to associate melodies with moments and merge them with other perceptions. Then why shouldn't we do it with the wine?

The wine contains a whole set of aromas, tastes and sensations that we can almost touch, but it is also a sound universe. And not only that, he is able to express his melody to us through taste.

The sound pairing has become a great bet of Enocultura, turning a wine tasting into authentic sessions of Music Therapy - Yeah .

The research, which was presented in the city of London, has resulted in songs that are best suited for “tasting a wine”. So, for a good Chardonnay, the refreshing and cheerful rhythms are better.

Marcelo Franchetti, Winemaker, together with his partner Mauricio Boullaude decided to start his own venture with the idea of look for the maximum expression of the terroir of the grape, go in search of the simple, what natural, preferring to obtain wines with the least possible intervention.

The Underground Bodega produces its wines in concrete eggs of 2,000 liters and cement amphorae of 3,000 liters.

Franchetti argues that the phenomenon of micro oxygenation and continuous movement by convection currents that are produce inside the eggs, give the wines an optimal structure in mouth. The primary objective is to obtain lively, vertical wines with strong terroir character and with maximum expression of the varieties.

Vinilo Noido Blanco is the line dedicated exclusively to white wines and the first specimen to see the light was a blend made up of Chenin and Chardonnay. The co-fermentation of these varieties is 50% of each with an aging of 3 months in the eggs.

It is a wine rated with more than 90 units. Aromas marked with hints based on sparkling wines. It highlights aromas of hazelnut, damask, peach, mango, honey, pineapple, tea and white flowers. In the mouth it is expressed with a very balanced acidity and appear extra to the previous, flavors such as apples and nuts. A fan that is completed with a medium duration and pleasant sparkling sensations of slight needles.

Franchetti says he always liked music and the idea of baptizing wines with the name Vinilo was due to wanted to leave raised from the beginning that they were in pursuit of what basic, from a return to the essence. And what better object to reflect that than a vinyl record.

Added to this is the fact that the blend is called White Noise

Publication Date: 25/12/2019

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