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Ice cream for the whole year

Ice cream is an ancient invention, but little elaborated at home. And that's easy and inexpensive to prepare. Here we go.


We all know an ice cream shop that makes the best ice cream in the world. It's usually a neighborhood, hidden away. Unlikely. That's how we are...

But let's focus on what's important: ice cream. Aprenably, an ancient Chinese invention , which has nothing to do with Chinese tale. A wonderful dessert , which is eaten all the time. When I was a kid, I was privy to summer. Ice cream parlors closed in the winter (so twine would do in the summer, haha). So this recipe will serve you all year round.

Let's say you want to make peach ice cream, for example

Cut into quarters the peaches into small pieces. Fried them.

On the other hand, in a small saucepan, make a syrup of water, sugar and lemon. Boil and leave 5'more after boiling. Let it cool down.

5 to 10 minutes before making the ice cream, remove the fruits from the freezer. Process them until they reach the middle of the glass. Add 5 to 10 tablespoons of syrup. Go back to processing and you're done!

Homemade ice cream as in the world's best ice cream shop.


Peach 250 gr

Water 100 cc

Lemon juice 1tbsp

Sugar 50 gr

Publication Date: 06/03/2020

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