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I went out for a walk with your favorite tea

There are many accessories that are somewhat unknown to Argentines that transform the tea ceremony into a special occasion.


Today I present to you the most simple and flirty article to walk with our favorite tea. Yeah, I know, Argentines are more of a ride with mate, and I'm no exception! That's why I carry the thermos, so it doesn't cost me anything to add someone to taste some rich tea on special occasions. I like to create unforgettable moments for myself and my partner.

The simplest item to carry is a gaiwan, a Chinese teapot that comes with lid and plate. It is small, almost always decorated with great mastery and beauty. It is also used as a bowl to drink directly from it. Those who know put the strands of tea inside and pour the water directly over the tea.

If you want to take a separate bowl, using the lid (it brings for that purpose), you can Strain carefully by leaving your index finger on the lid while you pour the tea (watch out! do not burn!).

If you feel adventurous or don't want to wear so much crockery, with the lid you gently run the strands while drinking your tea. Since it is a small container, this is ideal and nothing complicated. If you use a good strand of tea you could make several infusions. Selfish pleasures, oh, yes!

By asking you will also find the flirty padded covers to take the gaiwan for a walk without fear of breaking it.

Tell me what tea you went out for a walk with and show us the beautiful photos that inspire you! In the next note I'll tell you about other gadgets to walk around with our favorite infusions.

Publication Date: 28/02/2019

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