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How to roast the gizzards?

A typical product of our grill, but not everyone knows its secret.

Cómo asar las mollejas

Gizzards are one of the favorite achuras when it comes to starting a roast as God commands. Now, not everyone is encouraged to roast them.

First, you have to choose between neck gizzards or the heart of the cow. The second ones are richer, but let's not despise the former at all.

At home, you have to defatase them well.

And here, something fundamental; the secret: you have to drown them not less than two hours. Some do it in water; others in milk. Thing is, that's how they come out crispy.

Finally, there's not much trick. On the coals, about half an hour on each side. Et voila.

Publication Date: 11/05/2019

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