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How to make an English pudding with orange icing in 6 steps?

We need to start thinking about recipes for our Christmas table.

How are they? Unbelievable that the end of the year is coming, right? Anyway, we should start thinking about recipes for our Christmas table. In this case, I looked for a pudding that, contrary to what I usually do, is not super wet but is better to dry and this is because of the addition of corn starch. It will look like the puddings that are bought in the supermarket and the taste is identical: typical of the holidays. The fruits that you like most can vary: raisins, dried fruits, polished fruit, dried blueberries, chocolate chips, glazed orange husks... It is completely at ease and piacere (yes, respect the quantities). I made half the recipe because it's the first time I prepared it, but I passed the original. I put a little less fruit on her because I thought it was a lot, but I must admit it would have been better if I put more on it. It is an economical recipe since it does not use butter and fruits are optional. They can do it with time and store in the freezer well wrapped in film. ingredients Sunflower oil 120cSugar 150gEggs 3Flour 200gCorn Middon 100gSalt ½ tspBaking powder 10 grOn 3 tbspZest of 1 orangeBrighten fruit 200 Graisins without seeds 100g Glaze Impalpable sugar 200gOrange juice 4 tablespoonsOrange liqueur 1 tablespoon (optional) Procedure Preheat the oven to 170ºC and butter a 24 cm long pudding pan. Lay it with butter paper and butter it.In a bowl, mix the oil well with sugar, add the orange zest and eggs one at a time and mixing until everything is well incorporated. Sift the dried (flour, starch, salt, baking powder) and add it to the mixture with the eggs (do not work much the dough) .Add the rum and the Fruit mixed with a tablespoon of flour (so that they adhere well to the dough and do not fall into baking) .Place the dough in the mold up to ¾ of its capacity. Cook about 60 minutes (until golden on top and when pricking it with a skewer stick comes out clean) .Remove from the oven, warm in the pan. Unmold on grid, remove paper and cool. Glaze  Mix the ingredients, you need to have a dense consistency, place it above the pudding and once it has dried a little decorate it with fruits.

Publication Date: 15/12/2018

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