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How to cure a plow disc

If you were given or bought a plow disc and do not see the hours of making a stew or paella, patience: first you have to cure it!

Disco Arado

In Santa Fe you can eat a lot of stew, rice with chicken and even meat cooked on a plow disc. It is often a less expensive alternative than the roasts that, with today's economy , went through the roof. Although the paellas to the disco are also delicious. And that's a not very cheap dish as we say.

As the name implies, the plow disc is an agricultural tool that is used to open grooves in the soil. Gauchesco ingenuity turned it into a huge pot of iron.

It's important. Please note that this accessory needs to be cured before use. Oh, yeah. Like the mate. This is because it is necessary to preserve its material and prepare the surface so that food does not stick together.

Ways to cure the plow disk there are many. Here we leave you a very simple and effectiveone.

Instructions for use

  1. Put the disc on the fire. Without adding any liquidto it. After about 10 minutes you will see that it takes a brownish color. After another ten minutes turn off the heat and allow to cool.
  2. Place a little oil, enough to cover the surface.
  3. Place on the fire again, about twenty minutes. It will take a darker color. Treatment ends when no more smoke comes out.
  4. Step two can be repeated, and thus achieve a more reinforced layer.
  5. After cooking, wash like any pot, but without rubbing too much, because the curing can be removed.

Two Steps optional

  1. If it seems to you that the disc is too dirty, at point 2 you can add a little coarse salt. This helps to deepen the cleaning
  2. .
  3. At the end, after washing, place on minimum fire, which removes moisture.

Now you're there. ready to use this great cooking instrument . Lucite with a plate hot made in plow disc, to accompany with a nice wine.

Publication Date: 19/04/2020

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