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How do you make a burger?

This typical world food seems easy and simple to make. However, the real burger hides some secrets in its recipe.


When you say or imagine a burger, the first thing that comes to our minds, possibly, is a burger from the classic  fast food  chain with the “M” in red and yellow as its logo. However, that is an eloquent triumph of capitalism and its advertising tools. But we're going further.  A burger, in our unconscious, is a piece of meat between two loaves. 

However, this is not correct. It doesn't represent reality.  The real burger is much more than that . And it's also much more than that product that the big fast food chains sell us. A  burger  consists of any ingredient you want to put, but  with a special bread base, with ground meat of some special cut and with the infaltable melted cheese to give it a unique flavor.  We consulted the  burger  chef  Patxi Ballester  and told us some details.

Expert Tips

 As for meat , we should never rely too much on the ground that we can get in the supermarket or at any butcher shop.  The recommendation is to go to a trusted butcher and ask him to grind some special meat cut.  It can be empty, swatter, etc. Anyway, if confidence is not such, at least we should buy special ground meat, with low fat.

On the bread, break schemes. True, it's not easy to get.  What  Patxi  recommends is potato bread and butter.  Some bakeries offer it to order. It will be a matter of asking for it in advance. It is a bread that gives a unique texture to our dish.  Crunchy on the outside but moist and soft inside.  However, if what we have at hand is only the supermarket, brands that offer their homemade or artisanal products are recommended.

Finally, as for cheese, an unfailing element in the real burger, it is necessary to use  cheddar cheese .

 The specialties 

From then on, it's all creativity.  Play with our tastes and senses. One of the recommended is the super cheddar.  At the time of assembling the meat medallion, double cheese feta is included inside. When cooking it, it will drip provocatively, generating an imperative need to attack with a violent nibble.

Another, a little more daring, and  for fans of  sweet and sour  , is with plum jam, bacon (bacon), black beer and caramelized onions  . They are easy to get ingredients and their assembly is basic. On the bread, we place the reduced onion with black beer, jam and bacon. The rest, the logical thing.

For all this we say that there are as many burgers as much as we can imagine in our mind.  Everything is valid for filling our ground meat sandwich.  It's a matter of having time and some money to get the right ingredients, and fly.

Publication Date: 20/04/2020

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