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Honey: everything you need to know about this miracle of nature

Honey is a sweetener that gives magic to our preparations and is also a natural remedy to relieve cough and sore throat.

Honey, “first person”

 One spring day the flowers begin to open, the bees begin to hang around in their garden, they buzzing and dive down on the table where  you can enjoy lunch or tea . While you're looking to avoid a bite, she cares about something very different: about me.
The life expectancy of the honey bee is six weeks. Your daily task is to move up to five kilometers from home, put your long tongue (which spreads like sorbet) into about 100 flowers, absorb the tiny drops of sweet and watery nectar and store it in an organ called a craw, which serves as a stomach. When the insect is satiated, it flies home while its abdomen, filled with special enzymes, is already decomposing into glucose and fructose the collected.  So begins a little miracle of nature from which I turned out.  

Upon reaching the hive, the worker pours her loot into the mouth of one of her companions, who passes it to another and so on for 20 minutes until the mixture is ready to empty it into a beautiful geometric honeycomb. Then she and her nearly 50,000 colleagues fly over and emit their distinctive sound in the dark for several nights, waving their wings in order to generate a warm and ventilated environment, conducive to dehydrating the still watery substance. Several sunrises later, they seal me in a golden wax cell. Slowly flowing viscous solution, with 18 percent water, is absolutely finished.

In his life, our bee could visit up to 4,000 flowers and yet the collected nectar will produce just a twelfth teaspoon from me. In view of the daunting accounts, the hive will have to gather all its strength to produce me in sufficient volume to feed itself. (By the way, in 2010, Brooklyn beekeepers opened their hives and found a bright red product that tasted like a cloying cough syrup . Everything was a mystery until, months later, it came to light that insects ignored the petals and flew straight to a cherry factory to the nearby maraschino, a simpler way to get their dose of sugar).

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