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La Cumbre: high gastronomic experiences in the sky

We tell you all about the most outstanding places in La Cumbre, Córdoba. Experiences for our argentinian palate with tonada and in the heights.

la urraca

 The Summit is a very high place in heaven, which invites you to live different experiences to live with all the senses, especially with that of taste.   In this tourist post, corner serrano and beloved, there are horses that are lost on stone paths, transparent rivers of crystal clear and icy waters.  La Cumbre is a town  in the Sierras de Córdoba mountain range,  in central Argentina.     Its cabin-like bungalows and gardens are bequeathed by British immigrants who arrived at the beginning of the 20th century, inviting all visitors to stay a little longer. valley of the Pintos river  from where you jump in paragliding. To the north of the city is  the Manuel Mujica Lainez Museum,  in the house of the late writer. But in addition to all its tourist attractions, it has  outstanding gastronomic proposals . In this note we tell you everything about four gastronomic spaces  that offer us very particular experiences.  

1. La Magpie homemade food

From the hand of  its owners, Mery Duggan and Carlos Santillán  is born an innovative proposal. The Magpie is an ideal subtraction to eat  the best baveuse tortilla in La Cumbre  in the courtyard under the linden or inside if it refreshes. The bondiola is cooked a thousand hours in the clay oven with beer and then fraying: it comes with mashed potatoes and the best chutney,  recipe from Carlos's mother .  For dessert , chocolate mousse without jelly and real eggs. The dishes are hearty, they can be shared and enlarged if diners wish.  The place is cared for by the same owners , which gives it a special service and a unique treatment. The venue is adjacent to the renowned homonymous house of decoration of La Cumbre.

magpie 2

2. Between the deco world and Viva La Pepa

 Nine years ago  Lunchi González  Urquiza began to receive guests  in his car workshop of frames. Little by little they were adding  original and handcrafted decor products,  as well as white items: sheets, bedspreads, cushions, designed by her and made by a group of seamstresses from La Cumbre. With the impetus, Lucila San Román, his daughter joined the proposal. And so they expanded the shed to become a  business of delicate findings ,  products of the art of searching  and resignifying millennial techniques. Hilando fino, is a house of decoration and design of furniture from Santiago del Estero, Copacabana basketry,  handicrafts of Formosa, ceramics of Cordoba and Salta, among other provinces.  

 Later, Viva La Pepa's pastry shop came from her other daughter, Josefina San Román. That he was encouraged to give the gourmet touch to the microworld that his relatives had built.   Live La Pepa Patisserie  in the wagon extended to the garden, with its  recommended chocolate mousse cake    , passion fruit cheesecake, raspberry cakes from  La Quinta del Ruso San Román, the third son of Lunchi, with tea from Tealosophy. Near this place, La Flor opened, burgers and drinks stall, among other sandwiches. This combo of venues is perfect to  enjoy a day of design, decoration and tasting.  

3. Quinta de raspberries El Pungo

 La Quinta de raspberries organic El Pungo  emerged as a personal project of Guillermo (Russian) San Román when he returned from Buenos Aires one summer and decided to return to the town where he was born. The deliciosa has  more than 1000 bushes in rows of a total area of 70 m long by 12 wide, from  the vitrobliss, ruby and auto bliss varieties.  They are harvested  from November to March for families, restaurants, ice cream parlours. There are also strawberries. In this place are marketed  sweet raspberries and infusions with cakes  of these red fruits.

4. Dichese

This signature snack bar belongs to  Santiago Blondel, the renowned Cordovan chef  who always bets on more and  revolutionizes the gastronomic world.   This post is located in the Shed del Dique San Jerónimo, 8 km from La Cumbre. It offers cuts of meat from a flirty grill in view, plus preparations from the clay oven and vegetable salads and flowers  from neighboring orchards,  dishes to make the dike program worth even more grief.


5. Gapasai

 This post more than a restaurant, is an experience with all the lyrics.   It is the cuisine that is also born from the hand of renowned chef Santiago Blondel in La Cumbre. This is a family project in which this cook works with his brothers ten years ago. In fact  Ga is Gastón, the sommellier; Pa is Pablo, that of numbers; Sa is Santiago,  the winner of the Prix Baron B Edition Cuisine award for his gastronomic project and  I is Inés, the pastry maker and artist,  architect that everything works well. Its kitchen seeks  to recover the family and local work  of families linked to the  native forest and mountain ecosystems.  


Which one are we going?

Publication Date: 14/02/2021

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